When asked what we need to survive, a few important things come to mind: food, water, sleep – our physiological requirements. What if we dig a bit deeper?

As our cities grow, so do our needs for convenient transportation. It defines how we live in our cities, how our experiences are created, and impacts our outlook on overall quality of life. When transportation is not only convenient, but also safe and affordable (maybe even fun?) we are able to enjoy things that matter most.

At Beat, we strive to help people improve their quality of life.

Whether it’s by offering exceptional transportation experiences for riders or creating economic opportunities for drivers, Beat’s priority is to bring out the best in the cities we operate in.

How do we make this possible? The answer is simple. Our people. By putting the right people, in the right positions, we are able to rally a group of like-minded, yet diverse, professionals who bond over our core values. It’s allowed us to create an enviable working environment that inspires our people to give their best for our customers and our cities.

Before beginning any type of collaboration, with talent, vendors, consultants—essentially anyone we enlist to help us achieve our goals—we first ensure that we are aligned with our core values. Because for us, this is what’s most important. Our values aren’t just words on the wall. We talk about them almost every single day, during meetings, company communications, even during lunch.

Core Values
Be the customer

Place the customer first in everything you do. View all decisions through the customer perspective. 

Own it and get it done

Act as if you were the owner. Always strive to balance quality and speed. Be decisive.

Challenge often, commit always

Your voice matters! Embrace constructive debate and disagree respectfully. Commit on the way forward.

Solve local, build bigger

Build locally relevant solutions fit for scale.

Do more with less

Be resourceful & frugal, work smarter. Find creative ways to solve problems efficiently.

Embrace and seek change

Welcome change and grow from it! Expand into new opportunities and explore new spaces beyond your current boundaries of knowledge.

Put Us above I

We only win as One Beat. Collaborate and achieve results together. Treat all with empathy and respect. 

While our business grows and we conquer new territories, and while we watch our product advance, our core values remain embedded in our work. This approach has proven to be successful for us. Because in a very short time, we went from operating in one small market to competing in huge, global markets against incredibly big competitors.
High Performance

We need enormous amounts of energy, stamina, and a desire to outperform our competitors to be a player in this environment and win. The only way we can achieve that is by building a high-performance culture where incredibly talented people join forces to build something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

What connects our talented people is a core set of practices that support a high-performance culture. More specifically:

  • We openly, clearly, and constantly communicate expectations for the work that needs to be done and the challenges being faced.
  • Our leaders help the company scale fast by making sure they have high performers with the right skills in every position, which enables teams to move with precision and speed to complete projects.
  • Our people practice radical honesty (inspired by Radical Candor) by telling one another the truth in a timely fashion and ideally face to face.
  • We encourage debating issues that are associated with strong, fact-based opinions, but we are able to let go and commit to whatever decision is made, only after we’ve expressed our disagreement in the strongest way.
  • We base our actions on what is best for the customer and our company. We have balanced egos and we’re not trying to prove that we’re always right.

For us, a great place to work is not free lunches, great gyms, or fancy offices (although we try to provide such perks to our teams). A great workplace for us is a dream team in pursuit of ambitious common goals. This is where we learn the most, perform our best, and improve the fastest. Not to mention, it’s where we have the most fun!

Because we maintain a high density of high performing talent we are able to operate with a lean set of policies, procedures, and rules. We try to keep them as simple as possible because we think complex processes hamper our speed and agility.

The path that our culture will follow is defined by our people. We always welcome those who believe in what we’re doing, who are ready to move fast, and most importantly who align with our core values to join us on this journey.