Every individual makes an outstanding impact on company’s performance and they are recognized for it.

We always act as if we are the owner while expanding into new opportunities beyond our boundaries of knowledge. We place the customer first, we embrace proactive debate and disagree respectfully. We work smart and we value those who are not afraid to stand their ground and build bigger.

We have a unique culture that is built off of seven core values and we seek talented individuals who wholeheartedly embrace and demonstrate them already.

Beat offered me the way back home.
Having lived in the UK for eight years I was yearning for a homecoming in Greece. I would only take that step if I found an employer offering the working environment and career opportunities I was envisioning back at the time. Beat fulfilled my expectations, and never stopped giving me a strong sense of purpose and motivation since then.
Stefanos Platonis
Senior Engineering Manager, Driver Product Domain
Engineering is my passion, auto mechanics is my profession and working for Beat is my motivation.
Women in a man's world. Beat has given me the opportunity to grow professionally in this world of men, it has helped me regain the confidence that I once lost since my colleagues always motivate me to be better every day and I try to give back with what I can give them.
Ana Karen Mendoza Lara
Beat Tesla Technician @Beat
At Beat I feel that I can always grow more.
What excited me about Beat from the very first moment, is the abundance of opportunities for me to grow, both as an engineer and as a person. The ever-changing landscape of mobility is full of challenges, and working for Beat has given me the chance to work on many different projects to discover an exciting industry. I admire the technical skills, sense of ownership and accountability of the people I've worked with. That together with Beat's mission of developing seamless mobility gives me the fulfilment that I've been looking for.
Fotis Papadopoulos
Senior Backend Engineer @Beat
Beat values team interactions both physically and remotely as part of who we are and will remain in the future.
At Beat, they saw the pandemic as an opportunity to bring new people to the game and I think it's just perfect! I started back in July and the onboarding was great, the team was always available for me and my tons of questions. Now, we're improving our onboarding everyday in the team and while new joiners come along, we get to fine tune every detail of it, becoming a truly remote-friendly company.
Eduardo Pla
Senior Product Designer @Beat
Our offices around the globe have all been designed with one thing in mind: To be as comfortable and accommodating to our work as possible. Why? Because we spend a lot of time there. Not because we have to but because we want to!

We keep growing! Whether you’re already located in one of our operating cities, open to relocating or interested in working remotely, we take care of our Beat family by offering a series of benefits like private health care, healthy meals, free Beat rides, flexible working arrangements, and an amazing workplace in the heart of each city we operate in.