Every individual makes an outstanding impact on our performance and they are recognized for it.

We cherish proactive people. We appreciate confident individuals. We value those who are not afraid to stand their ground and own their domain.

But that doesn’t mean that anyone is the right fit to join us. We have a unique culture that is built off of four core values and we seek talented individuals who wholeheartedly embrace and demonstrate them already.

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    Ruthless execution
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    Fight for quality
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    Automate this
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    Own your domain
Beat offered me the way back home.
Having lived in the UK for eight years I was yearning for a homecoming. I would only take that step if I found an employer offering the working environment and career opportunities I was envisioning back at the time. Beat fulfilled my expectations, and never stopped giving me a strong sense of purpose and motivation since then.
Stefanos Platonis
Lead Backend Engineer
Keeping up with the urban mobility industry is challenging, but using cutting-edge technologies to design a top-notch product, makes it all easier.
Staying ahead of the technology curve is mandatory to stand-out in this fast paced industry we operate in. We are all provided with the tools, training opportunities, motivation, and space to perform our best. We believe in technology as much as we believe in our people. We know that growth comes from within.
Athina Miliou
Lead Backend Engineer
Building and evolving a unique culture is a challenge that gives me purpose every day.
At Beat, you will find people from different backgrounds, all sharing the same passion about their work. Ι really enjoy how fast and dynamic our industry is, and how each day is a new challenge for everyone here. This keeps me constantly on my feet, working to provide employees with an amazing Beat experience. My team’s role is to find high caliber people and maintain an exceptional culture for them to thrive in. We want our people to grow alongside the company and we do our best to provide them with all the resources to do so.
Phoebe Prosalika
PeopleOps Director
Our offices around the globe have all been designed with one thing in mind: To be as comfortable and accommodating to our work as possible. Why? Because we spend a lot of time there. Not because we have to but because we want to!

Team Beat has evolved into a family that keeps growing. We take care of our Beat family by offering a series of benefits like private health care, healthy meals, free Beat rides, flexible working arrangements, and an amazing workplace in the heart of each city we operate in.