Wrapping up 2021 in a… Beat

Quite excited for 2022? At Beat, for sure we are, as this year has been a great one for Beat, setting the stone for what is coming next. We dared to dream big while keeping fulfilling our mission to develop seamless mobility for a safe and sustainable urban life. We craved to elevate the customer experience in transportation to unprecedented levels by proving every day that we are a customer obsessed team that aims to change passengers’ experiences when moving, for the better. We proved that we redefine mobility one ride at a time…

“Yesterday I had a marvelous experience”, Camila B. wrote to our customer support team.

At Beat, we believe that transportation in modern megacities should get electrified, doing our best everyday to build a more sustainable environment. Beat Tesla, our premium and sustainable service, marked a new era for us during the year reaffirming our commitment to a more sustainable future. We are eager to test, learn and scale. That is what is happening with the service being launched to Mexico City before launching all-electric cars services in other markets and cities. With this service we are changing the rules of the game, bringing the future of mobility within reach of users, offering them a revolutionary mobility solution that ensures rides with zero carbon emissions, for the benefit of the environment and our community. 

Numbers speak louder than words! This year, we travelled more than 3,000,000 kilometers which is equivalent to 77 times around the earth! And guess what… we managed to save 460,000kg of CO2. Actually, Beat Tesla service is our first move towards a greener future. Our first badge of more sustainable mobility solutions. We want to do it the best way possible and make the rest of our markets the protagonists of the largest fleet of electric vehicles in Latin America. In the near future, we plan to create a well-rounded portfolio of sustainable services that will incorporate more electric vehicles and different models, offering numerous mobility solutions with multiple price ranges that will cover the different needs of all our consumers. Stay tuned!

Most importantly, behind these numbers, there are people, there are the ones who move Beat’s wheels forward, the ones who choose to redefine the future of urban mobility by supporting our communities every day… and we are talking about our drivers! Almost 700 fully trained drivers rode a Beat Tesla during 2021 while offering a flawless customer experience. We asked them what they appreciated the most during 2021 while riding with Beat.

Andres, 55 years old, one of our first Beat Tesla Drivers
Interacting with people is what I loved most about driving with Beat during the year.

Paulina, 24 years old, one of our top5 rated Beat Tesla Driver
Driving such a high-tech car and providing a premium service is a dream that came true in 2021.

Benjamin, 33 years old, our 200st Beat Tesla Driver
I started driving with Beat during 2021 and I immediately felt that I could be the best version of myself.

José, 38 years old, one of our first Beat Tesla Drivers
Being a Beat Tesla driver offered me fulfilling experiences with people, enjoying this work every single day of the year.

Thank you for safely riding and driving with Beat this year. We look forward to being a part of your 2022. 

Our deep collaboration roots and the team excellence foundations we have established throughout the years, allowed us to continue bringing new mobility solutions and value to our customers and partners. Technology can and should be used in order to upgrade our everyday life. The future is upon us and we do our part towards developing seamless mobility for a safe and sustainable urban life. 

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