A day with three Backend Engineers at Beat

Dedicated to forging a new path in urban mobility, Beat envisions a world in motion: where people can reach any destination conveniently, safely and quickly. How do we make this happen? Our Engineering Teams develop and accelerate technology and innovation in numerous areas that directly impact millions of people.

We shadowed three of our Backend Engineers to find out how they make magic happen every day. We discovered how they got to Beat, what their roles are like and they even shared  some tips on how to prepare for interviews.

We met Maria Bagdasarova, Senior Software Engineer @Beat who chose Beat in order to “be able to impact millions of people by making their life more convenient.” It was also interesting exploring Stefanos Platonis’, Senior Engineering Manager – Driver Product Domain @Beat story who applied to Beat once he decided to move from the UK back to his home country, Greece. “I wanted a company with high standards and an interesting product. Beat ticked both boxes. I ended up in my current role after having been through the Senior and Lead Software Engineer positions and 4 years with the company.” marks Stefanos. We also met Evgenia Martynova, Engineer at Fraud, Safety & Identity @Beat who joined Beat because she wanted “to work in a company which is more customer focused, to contribute to a safer and better world.”

Highlights of a typical Backend Engineer at Beat 

Maria Bagdasarova, Senior Software Engineer @BeatMaria Bagdasarova, Senior Software Engineer @Beat

“My typical day consists of every day stand up meeting, code reviews and of course code writing. To have an ability to write clean and productive code I need to discuss all the features with my colleagues. A big part of my job is also architecture design.”

Stefanos Platonis, Senior Engineering Manager – Driver Product Domain @Beat
Stefanos Platonis, Senior Engineering Manager - Driver Product Domain @Beat

“My workday very often involves having meetings with my team in order to align on team matters and the progress of the projects we are working on. Big part of my job is to resolve impediments and to cultivate the environment needed for my teams in order for them to create, deliver and develop personally. Other activities I do during my day are to check on projects’ progress, identify potential blockers early on, communicate needs, results to interested parties and represent my team  in a status report meeting across the department.”

Evgenia Martynova, Engineer at Fraud, Safety & Identity @BeatEvgenia Martynova, Engineer at Fraud, Safety & Identity @Beat
I usually start just before 9am, I go through my emails, and review my co-workers’ reports. Then I look at our monitoring communication ch
annels to see if there are some urgent issues to be fixed. Then, it is the time for a 15’ standup meeting where we are following the Scrum process. In my focus time I usually code or test code changes on one of the development environments. During the day, I make sure to keep in contact with my colleagues to support each other in common projects.”

The answers we took when asking our Backend Engineers what keeps their motor running day in and day out.

Being part of the Beat Team means enjoying autonomy in your work while pursuing a common purpose. We are a team committed to innovation and the advances technology offers. Following agile methodologies, we build, coach and work in cross-functional teams that receive all the needed support to succeed in both our Tech Innovation & Engineering Hubs in Athens and Amsterdam.

The Engineering Team is hiring!

Application and Interview Process at Beat behind the scenes

“The application was smooth and logical. The interview process was one of the most amazing I’ve ever had. No useless exercises or questions. Only those things that I need in my future work,” highlighted Maria.

“The application was very smooth. At the time I interviewed, the process consisted of a chat with a recruiter, two technical discussions and a take home assignment. I found it interesting and it created the right expectations I had from the company,” mentioned Stefanos.

“The interview process was very similar to what other Tech Companies have, it was a home assignment, then a chat about the home assignment and then a System Design interview. When I learnt that I passed all of them I had to run through a soft skill interview,” added Evgenia.

Constantly growing our world-class teams across our offices worldwide to shape the future of urban mobility, we are looking for talented and passionate professionals to join the ride! You can easily explore how to land a job at Beat and make the most out of the experience.

Join the Engineering Team

Bookmark the resources that Maria, Stefanos and Evgenia, used to prepare for their first interview with Beat. Keep them handy :

– For the system design interview: “Designing Data Intensive Applications” by Martin Kleppman and some Youtube videos from the System Design Interview channel: 

– For the home technical assignment: Golang documentation.
– A lot of different articles on Hackernews.
– Reviewing Github projects.
– “The Effective Manager” by Mark Horstman.
– “Domain-Driven Design” by Eric Evans which is very important for any architectural discussion.
– “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” by Peter Senge which teaches you how to develop Systems Thinking and identify recurring patterns in interactions between parts of the organization.

Time for tips from the Backend Engineering Team

“Be prepared, be honest, be yourself. Remember that an interviewer is your friend and you have a common goal – to have you on board, an interviewer is there to help you to achieve the goal”, “Never give up!”, “Be ready for an exciting ride. Get ready to get challenged, to learn how to adapt to fast changing environments  and to be asked to unlock your potential to its full extent. the three of them underlined in one voice!

Being part of the Backend function at Beat is very rewarding. You get to build, maintain and envision the locomotive of the Beat product. By building on what is already a premier leading ride-hailing app in Latin America, you will be part of our transportation revolution across the region. At Beat, there are interesting problems to solve around every corner and plenty of room for innovation. Together with talented engineers from all over the world, you will shape the future of vibrant cities.

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