Beat Bus: Free transfer of medical staff

Our priority has always been to help people move around the city safely and quickly. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic crisis is no exception to this rule. With the application of curfew and lock-downs in entire cities across the globe, the safe transportation of those in need to commute has proven to be one of the main challenges at the time.

Introducing Beat Bus: A Free Transfer Service for medical personnel

Beat Bus for transferring medical staff

In response to the needs of our local communities, we introduce Beat Bus; a free bus service taking tours of hospitals in Lima, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina to facilitate the transfer of health professionals.

The Beat Bus project is realised in cooperation with the local authorities and complies with all the disinfection and sanitation protocols necessary to transport the doctors, nurses and technical personnel, key players in this crisis, safely.

The continuity of the health systems is vital in this fight against COVID-19. At Beat, we will continue safely transferring those people in need to commute to take care of our safety.

Beat Bus is transferring medical personnel
Beat Bus transferring medical personnel in Lima, Peru

This special bus route will be operating throughout the State of emergency in the aforementioned cities, and is another addition to the
list of radical measures we took to proactively manage risks of exposure to the virus and help our communities properly address the situation.

We will get through this together!
Stay Safe

Discover more about the operation of the Beat Bus in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru.