Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive present and future

Every day, people are on their way to a destination: to work, back home, to a new place, or to a new beginning. Yet, we have realised that it’s not just about connecting people from A to B. Being part of the fabric of the city and its emotions, needs, culture, and tensions that come with it, is what makes Beat unique. We can’t but acknowledge that life in the city isn’t always as easy; physical and emotional blockers prevent people from unleashing their full potential. Beat is determined to play its part in bringing enjoyment back to the cities by fostering a culture of equality and respect, rather than discrimination and prejudice. Because the most important journey we make is the one towards our true self. That’s why we want to commit to a brighter and more inclusive future with our first Diversity & Inclusion Manifesto.

Our commitment to everyone in the city

Change starts at the local level and the communities that breathe life into our cities. Everything we do at Beat serves their needs and worries.

– That’s why everyone is welcome to ride and drive with Beat. By everyone, we truly mean everyone.

– Every day, we strive to offer innovations that create a safer community. Key to realising this are our unique services, Beat Tesla and Beat Zero, currently available in Mexico and Colombia with plans to expand to more cities in the future. By fully owning the customer experience, we are able to create spaces where everyone is welcome and can feel safer.

We focus on developing safety mechanisms and features for all our rides too because we want both our passengers and drivers to feel safer when moving in the city.

We raise awareness to all our drivers through their registration process with Beat, around behaviours that foster inclusivity and respect to diversity.

We consider every discrimination act as an emergency and take immediate action, with a 24/7 support team.

Our commitment to everyone who works at Beat

We hire individuals for their potential, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion because we truly believe that only then can we make diverse teams that create great technology for all. 

We also pay everyone fairly and equally, in line with their level of responsibility, rather than any other factor.

LGBTQ+ partners are included in our Health Insurance Policy.

Everyone at Beat is free to choose their preferred name and pronouns and they are respected by everyone too.

We create company-wide awareness through workshops and discussions on diversity, as well as through our internal Employee Resource Groups (ERG).

We have also set up an online reporting speak up system to report breaches of our code of conduct or violations of the law, including issues relating to harassment and discrimination, protection of personal data, rights and protection of individuals. All reports are strictly confidential and they ensure anonymity.

We are very proud that our employees recognize our efforts by giving us a 91% favorability score in our internal survey for Inclusion, which is 11% above the external benchmark of Tech start-ups and Scale-ups!

But we will not stop there.

Beat will continue being a respectful, diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent organisation, brand and employer and we hold ourselves accountable for improving every year with this Manifesto.

It is our deepest belief that when everyone is their authentic self and is treated with dignity and respect, great things can happen. Our vision is a connected Latin America where the only question is…

“Where next?”

At Beat, we know there’s only one way: Forward!