Beat Envío for Business: A new service for Multiple deliveries

With the health crisis of COVID-19 affecting everyday life, the need for connecting people with goods has never been more relevant. In an attempt to keep our communities safe, we introduce Beat Envío for Local Business. The new service is designed to provide businesses with the opportunity to transfer goods and supplies, at scale, utilising Beat’s wide network of drivers.

Beat Envío offers a scalable distribution solution for partnered Local Businesses, allowing multiple simultaneous deliveries. Small and medium Local Businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies can benefit and capitalise on the service to transfer their products to their customers.

Beat Envío for Business offers partnered stores the ability to  request more than one ride simultaneously, through a dedicated platform. To facilitate the process, assigned Beat agents will manage the platform, request the rides, and manage the deliveries of the goods from each one of our partnered Business. They will be in charge of the whole process and solve any technical issue that may arise, maintaining constant contact with Beat Customer Service.

The service aims to offer a new source of income to drivers while providing a tangible solution to homebound customers and businesses that, due to unprecedented circumstances, are servicing an increasing number of requests.

What are the benefits of Beat Envío for Business?
Access to Beat’s network of high-quality drivers
• Affordable courier option
Transparent, distance-based pricing
• Quick, same-day transfer
• Real-time tracking via Beat’s “Share my Ride” feature
• Multiple deliveries
• Beat customer support

The new service comes in response to the growing needs of our communities in Latin America experiencing State of Emergencies; specifically, it will be available in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

Contact us at xxx if you want to be one of our partnered Businesses and utilise the Beat Envío for Business service.


Fill in your mobile number to receive an SMS with the download link of the app and get started. Simple as that.

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