Beat Envío: New courier service for transferring goods

With the health crisis of COVID-19 affecting everyday life, our number one priority is to continue keeping our communities connected and safe. While people are facing the challenges of this growing pandemic, the need for connecting people and vulnerable communities with goods, has never been more relevant. 

Introducing Beat Envío


Beat Envío is a new service especially designed to provide our users with the opportunity to transfer or receive goods and supplies, utilising Beat’s wide network of drivers. The new service also offers a courier solution for all small and medium local companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies, which can be used to transfer their products to their customers.

The new service comes in response to the growing needs of our communities in Latin America during the State of Emergency. It is now available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

In Argentina, Beat Envío has been expanded to Beat Envio Moto. This is a new modality that allows shipments of smaller packages or documents.

Beat Envío Moto is a new courier service exclusively served by motorcycles, complementing the recently launched Beat Envío service


How Beat Envío works.

How Beat Envío works.

  • Open Beat’s passenger app on your iOs or Android device
  • Make sure that the application is up-to-date and that you have logged in to your Beat account
  • Select Beat Envío in the ride services tab and request immediately a driver
  • Follow the journey of your delivery using the “share my ride” option 
  • You may leave a note to the driver with all relevant delivery instructions

The Benefits of Beat Envío.

The Benefits of Beat Envío.

  • Access to Beat’s network of high-standard drivers
  • Reliable and Affordable courier option
  • Transparent pricing based on the distance
  • Quick transfer on the same day or even hour
  • Real-time tracking using the “Share my Ride” option

Safety first.

Safety first.

We encourage all drivers and users to strictly follow all the hygiene and safety protocols to further reduce the possibility of spreading the virus. Among others, they should avoid direct contact and prefer credit cards as the payment method.

Beat Envío is another addition to the list of radical measures we have taken to proactively manage risks of exposure to the virus and help people properly address the situation. We will continue looking for new ways to provide support to the communities, exploring more services essential during these times of uncertainty, always following and implementing the governmental safety measures.

Discover more about Beat Envío in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.