Beat’s green light for a more sustainable future.

The challenge of sustainable mobility is how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Doing our best to prevent climate change is not a trend, it is a necessity. If we want to be the generation to claim that we did our best to safeguard life on earth, then we need to make some changes.

Here lies the opportunity as well into making transportation in the cities more efficient, affordable and safe. That said, Beat is committed towards more inclusive and sustainable cities. Believing fundamentally in our ability to grow in Latin America, we are impressed to see that the region is home to over 650 million people out of which 83% of them live in urban areas, crossing long routes every day, leaving their daily mark in the cities. While technology is constantly improving and we’re seeing a lot of innovations aimed at improving the riding experience, all routes conclude that the future of ride-hailing in Latin America can be more sustainable.

As a ride-hailing app, our mission is to develop seamless mobility for a safe and sustainable urban life, being part of people’s everyday life. We believe that companies that are active in the transportation industry should collectively shape the urban experience in modern megacities, helping towards building a more liveable urban environment for all. We are proud to be the first in the region to develop more sustainable mobility solutions, such as Beat Tesla and Beat Zero, which can further help cities and people to unlock their true potential.  

Since October 2020, we have been providing communities with the environmental benefits of electric cars, further helping towards improving the quality of urban life. Aiming to tackle the environmental challenges and move towards a future of lower emissions, Beat currently offers two different eco-friendly options for passengers to navigate through their everyday transportation needs in a more sustainable way. Following the launch of Beat Tesla, the first and largest private all electric fleet in ride-hailing, in the Latin American region, initially introduced in Mexico, we expanded our portfolio of mobility services, introducing Beat Zero to the world. Keeping our hyperlocal approach, starting from Mexico City, we envision Beat Zero as the optimal alternative for a more sustainable, tranquil, safe and reliable way of transportation proving that sustainable solutions do not always come at a premium price.

Numbers speak louder than words! It’s impressive to see that we have driven more than 6,000,000 kilometres with Beat Tesla and Beat Zero cars so far. If you are trying to calculate what is the equivalent of that, let us save you some time. By using Beat Tesla and Beat Zero for their daily rides, Mexico city citizens have managed to save more than 63,000,000 small trees up until now, which translates to a million Kgs of CO2 saved.

Our portfolio of sustainable mobility solutions couldn’t come to life without the efforts of our teams behind the scenes. Reinforcing our commitment for a more safe and sustainable urban life, we heavily invest in engineering with the view to continuously improve our product and offer innovative mobility solutions to our communities. Staying loyal to our mission, we recently launched our first Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in LatAm, located in Mexico City. This expansion comes  at an exciting time for engineers while Beat focuses on the continuous development of advanced technologies to be exported to the markets where we operate. By growing our world-class teams, we keep contributing to Latin America’s vibrant tech ecosystem and supporting the innovation coming out of this great, diverse region, aiming to reduce friction in its transportation infrastructure. We keep bringing out the best of the cities we operate in, and that starts with our people. 

We gaze into the future smiling, when one wonders #WhereNext. We care deeply about our communities and we strive to support them by developing smarter transportation solutions that also have social and environmental impact. We are committed to continue our path of reinventing mobility and keep shaking the waters of what is known so far.

Happy Earth Day!

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