BEAT at LatAm Mobility Virtual Summit 2021

Beat shapes the future of electromobility, introducing new transportation solutions designed for a better urban life. We aim to support people’s right to have absolutely reliable, safe and pleasant transportation when moving from A to B.  The future of Mobility is fast, safe and of excellent quality. 

Therefore, we actively participated at Latam Mobility Virtual Summit 2021, a disruptive event of the urban reality in Latin America, where meetings with specialists were held with the aim of designing a strategy to improve the quality of life of the urban population. This year the summit took place online on the 17th and 18th of February and Beat was there!

Disruptive technologies aim to bring innovative transportation modes to Latin America thanks to the recent growth of technology and creativity in the region. Ride-hailing is currently among the fastest growing of new mobility business models, and it is expected to offer billion dollar market potential by 2025. Beat is bringing its local expertise to the table, aiming to shape the future of mobility in the region. We are well aware of the needs of mobility seekers. Mobility seekers are  moving away from simple movement to mobility experience. They do not need their own car, but instead are determined to make the most out of the mobility solutions offered to them being hyper focused on the experience offered. 

Our participation in the digital summit is the result of our efforts towards improving the urban life of more than 22 million passengers registered on its platform, in 23 cities around the world, of which 21 are in Latin America. It is also the recognition of Beat Tesla, launched in Mexico in October 2020, an innovative service with which Beat joined the electric revolution and reaffirmed its commitment towards a more sustainable future. 

Beat participation and speakers at Latam Mobility Virtual Summit 2021

We took the second day of the Summit by storm by participating with a very dynamic presence. Cecile Novion participated in the panel discussion: “Mobility as a Service: MaaS’’ where she was accompanied by other business leaders in the region, such as Ingrid Aviles from Waze and Mauricio del Hierro from Moovit.

“Mobility as a service must respond to the needs of people in their cities, so that they can reach their destinations, economically, safely and efficiently” marked Cecile Novion.

She also emphasized that Beat’s mission is to be part of people’s lives on a global scale, offering a wide range of services that improve the mobility of cities and connect people. Therefore, technology must play a key role in mobility as it should remain the tool we leverage to innovate and improve the features we offer.

Beat at LatAm Mobility Virtual Summit 2021
Cecile Novion, Regional Manager at Beat LatAm

The same day, Mauricio López, General Manager at Beat Mexico introduced Beat Tesla: The game changer of mobility apps. He addressed Beat’s experience, the reasons that led the company to drive this premium service and the impact it has had so far on the Mexican capital.

“A greener future is upon us, thereby, and to support sustainable mobility, in 2020 we launched Beat Tesla in Mexico City” mentioned Mauricio López. 

Beat Tesla became a benchmark within mobility platforms, being the first & largest private all-electric-vehicles service in Latin America and offering a premium transportation solution with state-of-the-art technology, for passengers in Mexico City. 

Mauricio López also shared that with an urban population rate of 89% by 2050, the number of cities worldwide will increase by 6 in 50 years. ‘’100 million residents are exposed to high levels of pollution in Latin America. That is why sustainable mobility has to be an important issue on our agendas.’’

More than 10,000 executives participated in the activities of LatAm Mobility Virtual Summit 2021 which had prominent public representatives, including the Minister of Transport of Chile and the Minister of Environment of Peru.

Beat at LatAm Mobility Virtual Summit
Mauricio López, General Manager at Beat Mexico

Find here Cecile’s Novion thoughts after the LatAm Mobility Virtual Summit 2021. You can also watch the recorded event by visiting the Summit’s official website or via their YouTube channel.

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