It’s official! Today marks two years since Beat arrived in Mexico to become your riding partner. During these two years Beat has been transforming the ability to move around Mexico while experiencing fast, safe and excellent quality.

The Beat app aims to support people’s right to have absolutely reliable, safe and pleasant transportation, through a great experience. After millions of trips globally, today we are even more excited to continue working to improve urban mobility and be part of your daily life. Let’s discover together what has happened since last year for Beat Mexico:

– We completed 16.500.000+ hours of Beat rides around Mexico during last year
1/1/2020 was the day of the year with the highest demand
90.000+ drivers and 4.500.000+ passengers have been riding with Beat so far
– Drivers’ earnings have been increased to $1.828.000.000+ during 2020

This is map of Mexico where we show in which cities Beat Mexico operates

We are currently moving people from A to B in 7 major Mexican cities: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Durango, Villahermosa, Aguascalientes and Toluca while offering a great portfolio of mobility solutions covering every need of our passengers. Since 2019, locals have the opportunity to move around the mexican districts affordably through Beat core service. In 2020, the year of change, Beat improved even more the urban landscape while focusing on the experience offered through multiple services.

Phone screens that show the services Beat Mexico offers to the Mexican community

At the peak of the pandemic crisis, in April 2020, Beat Mexico opened the door to a new mobility trend for the ride-hailing industry by launching Beat Envío: the opportunity to deliver essential goods around the cities we operate from one person or business to another, using Beat as a courier. The service also supports all small and medium local companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies to deliver their products to their customers. According to our data, more than 80.000 packages have been delivered between Mexicans so far, a proof that locals aim to keep on using Beat Envio to send goods and parcels to loved ones, even after the end of the pandemic.

While upgrading our everyday life and moving into a more sustainable future that provides premium mobility experiences, we launched Beat Tesla in October 2020. Beat Tesla is the first and largest private fleet of all electric Tesla cars in Latin America, with fully trained drivers, offering a premium full-on tech transportation solution for passengers in Mexico City. This service offers unique and unbeatable in-ride experience while supporting a sustainable future with its zero carbon emission rides. Facts speak for themselves…

Beat Tesla milestones | Oct-Dec 2020
Beat Tesla milestones | Oct-Dec 2020

In November 2020, with the mission to continue adapting to the mobility needs for our passengers, we launched 2 new services: Beat Max & Beat Promo.
Beat Max enables the passengers of the capital to move comfortably in groups of up to 5 people, by choosing larger vehicles, with more space, at the best price. Even though the capacity of these vehicles is for 6 seats, only 5 passengers are allowed to ride, due to the pandemic. 

At the same time, Beat Promo gives the opportunity to move even cheaper, with all of the security measures included, during low traffic hours in the city of Aguascalientes, with plans of expanding to more cities soon.

The photo shows the top 5 most visited destinations of the beat app in Mexico during 2020

While Beat is transforming the ability to get around Mexico, it wouldn’t be possible to do so without the heroes behind the wheels, our drivers, making sure they offer excellent customer experience to all passengers for every single ride. We asked them how it is to ride with Beat and how it feels to offer the best riding experience.

Carlos, driving with Beat Tesla since October 2020
“Passengers are truly impressed as they like everything about Beat Tesla. I usually ask them if they have any doubt, complaint or suggestion about the service. They say: “The service is perfect. You provide a really premium experience.” I’m proud as I know we are all doing our best. Knowing that the team is performing remarkably well talks positively about the company, about how we are well-trained and the way we do things. I’m constantly told how our service is better than others.  There’s no day in which I don’t feel proud about what I do. I’m always surprised, as everyday something different happens.”

Francisco, driving with Beat since 2019
“The aspect I enjoy the most being a driver is the idea to meet new people every day. Being accompanied every day with diverse people in my car gives me great satisfaction to learn new ideas, ways of thinking and customs.  Driving passengers to the destination they expect, makes me feel that I fulfill a mission that was entrusted to me. During the pandemic, I felt proud to help people moving around the city as many of them needed to be transferred to health centers. I know that I take a risk, but I feel very satisfied to take them to a place where they will be positively impacted, especially during this unprecedented period.

Julio, driving with Beat Tesla since October 2020
“I love driving with Beat Tesla as it is a premium, beautiful car and super comfortable to ride. Passengers feel safe because of the technology the car has, as well as the insurance for robbery or accident issues. I remember one day, a family approached and asked me for an exclusive ride as their 5-year-old girl loves Tesla cars. When the little girl boarded, she got shocked and super excited with the service! She knew a lot about cars. She even said things that I did not know about my car. Her parents also thanked me very much for giving them the opportunity to live the Beat Tesla experience.”

Celebrate with us and enjoy the Beat ride by living the experience via both Android & iOS.