Beat’s milestones: An evolving ride to innovation

Beat started from Greece to change the urban mobility landscape in Latin America. From day one, we undertook the mission to make transportation in the cities smart, affordable and safe, connecting in real-time the passengers with the drivers. We made it and we keep fulfilling this mission every day by maintaining our most important advantage; the unique culture of always staying on the move and hustling the way to the next greater destination. 

Let’s go through Beat’s quest to conquer Latin America, from the early days to where we stand today. This is the history of the Beat app: 

An unlikely success story

The Beat app was founded as Taxibeat in 2011 in Greece, during country’s worst recession in decades, it fast became the most popular application in the country and its #1 startup success story. Taxibeat transformed the traditional urban mobility model providing the Athenians with a new tool to stay connected and move in the city at the tap of a button. A small team at the time, made a big impact in the city’s landscape, lasting ever-since.

Every ride is an experience, unlocking the endless possibilities of each city. This is Beat.

The name “Beat” was born in 2017. Utilising all the knowledge we have gained from our operation in Athens and our expansion to Lima, Peru, at that time, we decided to take the next step. We introduced ourselves with the new brand name, Beat, perfectly reflecting our commitment to embrace the culture of each city, be a part of its fabric and make transportation much more than moving people from A to B.

Beat started from Athens in 2011, and launched in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina over the years

The app that moves Latin America

Having succeeded in changing the transportation mindset and landscape in Athens, Beat was ready to expand its activity, test its powers and apply its knowledge outside of the Greek and European borders. We identified the right opportunity in Latin America and its special urban infrastructure. 

While we first tested the local waters in Brazil and other countries, Peru was the market which allowed us to start growing our roots in the region. Beat arrived in Lima, Peru in 2014 to stay. The expansion in Latin America was a challenge accepted by us and a bet we win every day. 

Beat is currently the # 1 ride-hailing app in its homeland Greece, Peru and Colombia, the # 2 in Chile and Argentina, and the # 3 in Mexico.

The Beat app is a ride hailing service available in 23 cities in 6 countries and has 11 offices 13 driver centres and 2 technology and innovation hubs
Beat’s global footprint

But why Latin America?

Ride-hailing is one of the most exciting industries in the world. Historically,  the way people move, has a tremendous impact on their quality and standards of life. 

Latin America is amongst the most urbanised regions in the world, with 80% of the population living in large cities. It is expected that by 2025, 90% of the population will be urbanised and the population density will magnify. Rapid population growth, urbanisation and widespread use of motor vehicles have generated large mobility challenges in urban areas including unsafe conditions and increased levels of congestion and pollution.

Beat is not only solving the pressing market need of affordable and efficient transportation in cities with poor infrastructure. We also improve the quality of life of the citizens and provide enormous economic opportunities to our drivers. Higher accessibility results in a more dynamic economic environment and more importantly, a better lifestyle and the opportunity to unlock your full potential. 

Currently, more than 600,000 people drive with Beat, and the potential for growth is still untapped.

A One-stop mobility app

Beat is a mobile app connecting passengers with drivers in real time, 24/7. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the ride, providing people with the best and tailor-made mobility options to move around their cities. We keep upping the game in one of the most technologically dynamic industries in the world.

The Beat app portfolio of services among other include Beat Core, Lite and Plus

On top of Beat Core, our service tiers include a number of services varying per country, city or even neighbourhood. Beat Tesla, Beat Luxi, Beat Lite, Beat XL and Beat Taxi are taking passengers’ experience to the next level while allowing a wide range of car owners to be able to drive and earn an income with Beat. 

The Beat services introduced in response to COVID-19 crisis

Our response to the ongoing health crisis of COVID-19 has been the ultimate proof of our commitment to develop technologically advanced, flexible and efficient solutions, and keep our users connected and safe no matter the circumstances. Beat Mission, Beat Envío and Beat Envío Moto were especially designed and fast-executed in immediate response to the growing needs of our communities in Latin America experiencing a State of Emergency.

Active member of an industry-leading team

The innovative technologies and the powerful potential of Beat in the Latin American market attracted FREE NOW, formerly known as MyTaxi, the ride-hailing joint venture of BMW and Daimler. Since 2017, Beat is part of the FREE NOW Group, advancing its potential for further investment, commitment and growth in the region.

FREE NOW Group is a global leader in the booming ride hailing industry, the biggest ride hailing provider in Europe and the fastest-growing in Latin America. Its services currently attract 21 million users in 17 markets and more than 130 cities around the world, with Beat leading the group in growth

Outrunning big players

Despite a competitive landscape, Beat has proven its ability to successfully compete with the big boys, largely due to our intense focus on localised experiences per each city. While other brands focus on the Asian, European and American markets, we adopted a unique approach when dealing Latin American markets, and quickly entered the ride-hailing hall of fame in all our operating countries.

We achieved this with much less capital and human resources than our competitors. We apply deep, obsessive focus on offering our customers an amazing and more efficient service than the competition. We relentlessly work on localizing our operating processes and our product for its market’s specific needs. We scale fast and focus on ruthless execution, the most fundamental of our core values. And, of course, we preserve our product-driven, engineering culture like a holy grail.

Eyes fixed on our communities

Cities are our home. We get inspired by the uniqueness of each urban landscape and their people. 

Our mission is to build technology for a better urban life.

From mobility and infrastructure causes to tech education initiatives, Beat stands by and supports its people every step of the way. The Beat Bus initiatives in Chile, Peru and Argentina, our active participation in industry leading conferences, our obsession to make the cities more beautiful and accessible and help people grow their tech skills, are some of the exhibits.


During the coronavirus pandemic crisis, the need to stay close to the communities has been more relevant than ever. While COVID-19 has had a disruptive impact on the way the world lives and moves, Beat took a number of radical safety measures against coronavirus to reduce its spread and support those impacted, in a direct or indirect way.

An ever-growing family building innovation

The cornerstone of the Beat success; Its people. These are the ones reimagining urban mobility and bringing its future to life, one feature or project at a time.

Beat started with 4 employees and an initial financing of 40,000 euros from Open Fund in Athens. Today, Team Beat consists of more than 750 people working from Europe, Latin America and remotely from all over the world. By putting the right people, in the right positions, we are able to rally a group of extremely talented and diverse professionals who bond over Beat’s core values. We have built and maintain an enviable working environment that inspires our people to give their best for our customers and our cities, and make the most of their life at Beat.

The Beat app global workforce and headcount in numbers
Team Beat in numbers. Update: August 2020

Beat also maintains a start up mentality founded on
high-performance, continuous growth and ownership standards. The people working at Beat are given the space to contribute, grow and scale, hand in hand with the business.

Following Beat’s continuous growth trajectory, we place our hands on different technology projects. Every day we are challenged to come together as a team and build something bigger than the sum of its parts.

The development of cutting-edge technologies at Beat has always been one of our top priorities. Constant upgrade of our systems and automation allows us to scale fast and stay ahead of the curve. In August 2019, we also inaugurated our first engineering and innovation hub outside the Greek borders, in Amsterdam, marking a new era in our product development. The Beat headquarters in Athens and the Amsterdam Hub, along with developers working remotely from around the globe, compound the heart of the company’s product development, research and innovation.

Creativity and innovation is what moves Beat forward. By building on what is already a premier leading ride-hailing service, we work around the clock to bring the transportation revolution across the region of Latin America. With eyes fixed on the future..

Where Next?

Join us on the ride. Check out the vacancies at Beat or Ride with Beat.