Mobility landscape is changing: Beat holds front row

LatAm Mobility Summit is an event that outlines in depth not only the reality of the region but its future as well.  Industry leaders discussing and debating even, while designing the strategy in order to improve the quality of urban life in the region. There is no greatest joy of being part of history when written, let alone when you play a fundamental role. 

How many synergies can guarantee a meaningful change of urban life? How many industries should collaborate to achieve that? Those and many more questions had beset my mind the last few days prior to my participation at the Summit. 

Now that the event is over, I can say that those questions were either answered or addressed. I had the chance to be part of a very interesting panel discussion, at which Mobility as a Service was the center of it. Fruitful discussions? You bet! The concept of MaaS is innovative, exciting and a sure leap towards redefining mobility. Now more than even people expect convenient and on-demand services. Are we there yet? I can surely say no! But we are doing leaps and bounds towards that direction. The pandemic forced us all to think big, think differently and accelerate in a completely different way. By having in our minds even more, the customer needs at the present moment. Needs that changed drastically, and thus, goals being shifted and with that mobility’s focus altered inevitably. That was the moment that Mobility as a Service became more present and a highway we all need to walk on one way or another.  MaaS must respond to the needs of people in their cities, so that they can reach their destinations, economically, safely and efficiently.

Representing Beat at one of the most important Summits of the region, I felt that I was at the right time at the right place. At Beat, we have a clear vision of improving in every possible way urban mobility. We want to improve urban life in all of our 21 cities in Latin America and for all of our 22 million passengers. That is what we did! We were fast enough to sense the needs of our communities and we proceeded at launches of new technologies and services that can only contribute to the future of mobility as a service. An one-stop app, that passengers can find it all…or almost everything. Our mission is to be part of people’s lives on a global scale, offering a wide range of services that improve the mobility of cities and connect people. Numbers speak louder than words sometimes, with more than 3 million packages being delivered using Beat Envio since day one of the pandemic. Bringing everything together is essential for mobility seekers that want to move towards mobility experience.  Offering an ecosystem of personal mobility! That is what it is and that is what it was discussed. Cities grow, transform and mobility solutions should be in line with what citizens truly need at each given moment. That was the topic at hand and thoroughly discussed with full empathy and understanding on our role as mobility leaders. After all, what defines leadership if not the capacity to translate your vision into reality?

By Cécile Novion, Regional Manager at Beat LatAm


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