Beat partners up with Dreyk the Pirate to make the city center of Athens more colorful

Our mission is to be part of the cities we operate in. We are part of the city and the everyday lives of its people. That’s why we are now creating synergies to get us involved with different things happening around us ensuring that at the end of those, cities would look more beautiful and will be reformed.


“57.5% of Athenians replied that they want less tagging on the walls of the city center and more works of art”

Athens is constantly changing and needs good care and attention from each and every one of us. When asked, 57.5% of the Athenians replied that they want less tagging on the walls of city center and more works of art. Meanwhile, the downtown commercial area of the city, best known as Commercial Triangle, has many shops that close their shutters from noon onwards. We had a brilliant idea! What if we transform these shutters in canvases for works of art?

With this thought in mind, we decided to take action and proceed in making visual interventions for the remake of two small streets in the Triangle, Polykleitou and Vlachava. In consultation with the store owners, we invited Dreyk the Pirate to help us create our own footprint in the center of the city, while uplifting its small corners.

Dreyk the Pirate undertook this project and created artworks on our behalf on two shop shutters. From now on, his characteristic navy figures blend with the visual language of Beat to create colorful images under the Acropolis.

Take a look of Dreyk the Pirate in action and read his mini interview below! Plus, when you have the chance, have take a stroll in Athens city center to discover more.