Beat committed to safety invests in external partnerships

Long are the days of standing in the rain waiting for the bus or on the street screaming your lungs out until you get a taxi to stop. The advent of technology has done the world a lot of good and changed our daily lives for the better. In today’s world we use mobile apps for almost everything and running daily errands has turned into a convenient and efficient experience at the tap of a button. Is it safe though, one might wonder. Even though there are strong voices against ride hailing apps simply stating that when entering into a ride hailing vehicle, you enter into the car of a stranger. According to, the majority of ride hailing passengers globally (33%) feel somewhat safe everytime they use a ride hailing service for their transportation. Beat, being committed to the safety of its users, both drivers and passengers, invests into its technology by constantly releasing new features to ensure peace of mind at every ride and to a series of third-party partnerships so as to provide a flawless riding experience. 

Partnerships at a Beat …

– Having our drivers feel safe even at the dodgiest areas , or even during late hours is of utmost importance to us. Thus, we decided to enrich the use of our emergency button by working hand in hand with a private security firm, Prosegur, able to monitor, contact and respond to emergency situations that jeopardize our drivers’ safety. The support they offer consists of dispatching a motorized vehicle to the location of the unfortunate event, advicing remotely on how to handle the situation or contacting local authorities or ambulance support via a private line, faster than the public ones. The synergy with Prosegur is active in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. 

– User verification is a big thing for every online business or mobile application. Being in place to verify the identity of the users in order to reduce to minimum any kind of risk is essential in today’s world. At Beat, we decided to go the extra mile and invest not only into building our Passenger Filter, making sure that all new passengers are asked to verify their identity with a credit card or by connecting their account with facebook but by establishing a co-operation with Truora.  The company specialized in the verification and background checks in order to prevent fraud and digital identity theft, currently active in Colombia. 

– Life is full of surprises and in the event of an unpleasant one, we make it our business to help and support both drivers and passengers. We make sure that all users are insured in cases of thefts, loses of items or personally injured. We want people to feel at ease, relax and enjoy the ride knowing that even in those difficult moments their needs will be taken care of. In collaboration with Chubb Seguro in Argentina we make sure that rides become more secure one day at a time. 

What to pay attention to while ride-hailing

Ride hailing users take advantage of the benefits those offer, such as comfort, privacy and of course safety during these unprecedented times of Covid-19. However, with global safety perception statistics towards ride hailing apps, even though good but still with room for improvement, it is always a good idea and appropriate time to share with both passengers and drivers some best practices and tips on how to evaluate a dodgy situation and avoid it all together. Better be informed and prepared. 

– Wait for your ride inside

Beat will keep you constantly informed on the exact location of your driver. There is no need to wait outside, especially during night. Stay somewhere inside and safe or if you don’t have that option stay at a well lighted location. 

– Ask the driver your name

Your driver just arrived and while you are approaching the car, find a clever way of making the driver say your name. In that way you really make sure that the driver who is about to pick you up is the one allocated by the ride hailing app. Even if that means asking the driver to say your name. 

– Verify car and driver

Before entering the car so that your ride can start, always make sure to double check the car plate, the car brand and if the driver who is about to pick you up looks like the picture of the driver you see at the app. 

– Share your ride

Beat offers passengers the possibility of sharing their ride in real time with family and friends giving them the possibility to have full visibility to the status of the ride, the estimated time of arrival and all essential information about the driver ! Make use of that feature and make sure to randomly “inform” the driver that the ride is shared.

– Choose your sit wisely

Always pay attention to where you sit. Safety professionals advise to sit in the back of the car because it creates two possible exits and increases space between the driver and the passenger. Additionally, sitting on the passenger side instead of directly behind the driver can help you keep an eye on both the driver and the road. While we are at the topic, when entering a car always make sure to check if the child locks are on at the back of the car. Consider it a red flag if they are. 

– Provide feedback 

This is an often overlooked part of ride-hailing safety, but it is an important step to take once your ride is complete. When the trip ends, make sure to rate your driver and leave helpful feedback so you can keep good drivers on the road and bad ones off. If you will, you can see it as your own contribution to ensuring that ride-hailing services are safer for everyone.

Safety is at the core of everything we do and of utmost importance to us. No matter the place or the reason, the time or the destination, at Beat we are committed to improve urban mobility one ride at a time. Get a ride through iOS or Android