Beat supports Social Hackers Academy offering free coding classes

At Beat we work in small, autonomous groups following innovative methodologies. Technology helps us to meet our goal and shape our vision to change transportation as we know it by creating a whole new experience for the customer. For this reason we constantly provide our team with access to learning and opportunities for growth.

And that’s not it. We want to do the same for special groups of people, by giving them the chance for a brand new start and a better future. For us, education is one of the greatest assets to help people change their lives. That’s why we support the Social Hackers Academy (SHA), a technology school in Athens, that teaches programming to refugees and long term unemployed people, with the purpose of helping them find a new career path.


The idea was conceived by Damian Vavanos, Chris Owen and Mikael Thomas. They all shared a common vision of creating a school aiming at teaching basic principles of coding (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, Angular, Express, Databasing: MySQL/MongoDB) to these people.

Social Hackers Academy is hosted at Romantzo, downtown Athens, and the third class is already on, having 19 students actively participating and 24 developers volunteering as teachers, with the support of Beat. If you are a developer and you like the idea, you can also become a volunteer teacher at SHA. For more info click here.

There are other ways in which you can help. Do you have a laptop you no longer need? You can donate it and help a student become a developer! Learn how here.

Furthermore, you can make a donation of any amount you wish through the Donation page of SHA.