Beat’s Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub in CDMX: The Foundations

Ever wondered how it feels to be the owner of Beat’s next chapter of global expansion? This is the daily key question behind our rockstar Jumpstart team who landed in Mexico City a month ago, with the goal to grow Beat’s world-class team in its first Latin American based Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub.

Acting as owners while expanding into new opportunities beyond one’s boundaries of knowledge is a core element of the Beat culture. This is what Liam and Vishal, who are part of the Jumpstart team, confirmed. Liam is a Senior Engineering Manager and Vishal is a Product Manager at Beat. They both joined the team from Beat’s Amsterdam Hub. We asked them how the team is setting and how the day to day cross continent collaboration is going so far:

“It’s an interesting challenge. As an organization we’ re used to collaborating across continents but this collaboration has always been between Technology and our Business. This is the first time that our Tech teams have had to adjust to working across continents internally. We’re discovering some challenges where dependencies cause some delays due to the time zone differences, and there are recurring meetings that we have to reschedule in order for both EU and LatAm to be able to attend them together. But this is all part of the learning experience! We address challenges as we uncover them. What’s really great is that everyone on both sides is committed to making this work”, marked Liam.

“You learn to “over” communicate asynchronously! What I really like is how beautifully the Jumpstart team has gotten onboarded and is delivering value in not just hiring but also in doing actual tasks around the development of our business model innovations, such as Beat Tesla and Beat Zero”, added Vishal.

Indeed, being part of the Team Beat means enjoying autonomy in one’s work, while pursuing a common purpose. We want to bring out the best of the cities we operate in, and that starts with our people. Both Liam and Vishal are facilitating the hiring and recruitment process of the upcoming Hub team. 

Beat employees in the LatAm Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub.
Being part of the team Beat means enjoying autonomy in one’s work, while pursuing a common purpose.

“We’re looking for Engineers and Product Managers who are enthusiastic, pragmatic and eager to learn”, highlighted Vishal.

“Engineers who join us will go through several weeks of intensive training where they will learn a lot of new skills including Golang, Kubernetes and Terraform. They will experience what it’s like to have ownership over the entire lifecycle of your code, implement a shift-left test automation strategy with multiple layers of test automation, perform code reviews regardless of seniority, and work with colleagues who come from all manner of different cultures and backgrounds”, underlined Liam

Beat is a company that supports continuous learning and personal growth. Being part of a dynamic industry, we keep evolving not only as teams, but also as individuals, staying up to date on new technologies and innovations. While Beat focuses on the continuous development of advanced technologies, we are thrilled to welcome our first new hire, Juan Emilio who is now a Product Manager at Beat. Do you want to know his impressions so far?

“My experience with interviewing was very positive and enriching. I talked with 6 different people with different backgrounds, all of them coming from different countries. Every person involved was extremely transparent explaining the opportunities and the challenges of the role. As the first Product Manager of the Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in Latin America, discovering and working on Beat’s game-changing electromobility services such as Beat Tesla and Beat Zero products has been an amazing opportunity”, said Juan.

The Beat Jumpstart Team exploring Mexico City's outdoor activities.
Enjoying the city vibes from the top.

So, how does it feel to be the owner of Beat’s most innovative project?

“Exciting. How often do you get a chance to do something like this? There’s no other way to describe it. But I’m not the one who will make or break this project; My team will. And I have the best team you could ask for”, pointed out Liam.

“Being a part of the team that conceptualized and brought to life this project gives me immense joy and happiness. There is a lot that I have learnt during this whole process – the most important learning is to think twice before putting that habanero sauce on your taco”, noted Vishal.

The team is designed to function as a model tech hive where innovation thrives and results are driven by the eagerness of people to shine. At Beat we are committed to unlock the true potential of people’s lives by reducing friction in the transportation infrastructure of Latin America. We leverage innovation and the advances that technology offers, contributing equally while identifying opportunities to optimize end to end solutions, impacting millions of people and cities.

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