Beat’s Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub in CDMX: The Team

Have you ever heard what it means to “put Us above I” for Beat? It literally means putting the team above any ego, working together, boosting one another and helping the team grow at all levels. This is what our Jumpstart Team proves every day as part of their goal to grow Beat’s world-class team in its first Latin American based Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub that is based in Mexico City. 

By building on what is already a premier leading ride-hailing app in Latin America, Beat’s Jumpstart Team, that landed in Mexico City two months ago, is facilitating the recruitment process of hiring 21 talented engineers and product managers that will be working exclusively on Beat’s most innovative projects such as Beat Tesla and Beat Zero. Creating strong bonds with the local Tech community is a priority for the team, that’s why we joined forces with TechnoLatinas. TechnoLatinas is a community for those who identify as a woman, have a Latin heart and want to get involved in the world of technology.

We had the opportunity to meet with 44 women from the community, discuss Safety through Technology and share more about our plans to expand our world class team with talented professionals. We asked our team to describe the meet up experience through their lens and highlights:

“It was very rewarding to get to know the TechnoLatinas Community. It was magnificent that Beat hosted their first in-person meet-up after the pandemic. They are raising awareness on issues that concern women which I consider to be very valuable, especially in Latin American countries, where gender inequality is still a big issue. Even though we talked about Beat specific topics regarding our projects and team dynamics, it was rewarding to see how interested they all were in our presentations, asking lots of questions and wanting to know even more”, marked Magdalena Benavides, UX Researcher at Beat.

Kicking off “Safety through Technology” meet up.

“I moved to CDMX from Greece only 2 months ago, so for me, being part of this amazing community even for just a day was an unforgettable experience. It’s extremely important to support such initiatives especially in countries that still suffer from inequality on so many levels. We can all contribute in raising awareness and creating strong bonds between us. People were very engaged, friendly and warm. During the beers and pizza, we got to meet some of them, and it was great to see that everyone had different backgrounds and had different motivations”, highlighted Ioanna Marasioti, Product Designer at Beat.

Indeed, it was a pleasure to connect with one of the major female tech communities of LatAm and build relations with.

Additionally, we asked our team what the team dynamics are to better understand how the team reaffirms the success of Beat’s game-changing electromobility services.

“As a UX Researcher, my role in the team is to speak with users and find out what their needs are so that when we propose a solution it is actually targeting an unmet need and it’s not just based on our intuition. At Beat, everyone involved in Product as well as Operations is very interested to learn what our users have to say, which just makes my job so much easier and fun to carry out”, said Magdalena.

That’s true, this is how we make a difference! At Beat, we put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and reflect on what they are looking for, to build solutions for a flawless customer experience. 

“As a Product Designer I’m collaborating closely with the user researchers, the product managers, product ops and the engineering team in order to improve our product and build a better experience both for our drivers and our passengers”, added Ioanna.

Creating strong bonds with Technolatinas.

What’s the project you are focusing on right now?

“Currently we are working on getting to know who the users of our business model innovations are and what they value the most about our services, to continue improving and provide every time a better experience”, underlined Magdalena

“The next step is to analyze the data and identify the opportunities that would make our product stand out. We are currently working on building the user archetypes of our electro mobility services”, added Ioanna.

And what’s the biggest accomplishment so far when it comes to serving our customers in the best way possible?

“We managed to change the internal process of creating the driver shifts, and the expected result would be a higher vehicle and driver utilization in order to serve our demand in a more effective way”, highlighted Ioanna!

Well done team! We are really looking forward to our next milestones and achievements!

At Beat, we want to bring out the best of the cities we operate in, and that starts with our people. We’re challenging ourselves to be our best versions, so we can create the best version of our product. That’s why we’re constantly growing our world-class teams across our Tech Innovation & Engineering Hubs, shaping the future of urban mobility. 

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