Beat’s Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub in CDMX: a week in the life

How does it feel moving from Europe to the other side of the world to play a vital part in building the future of urban mobility in Latin America? Beat entered the next chapter of its global expansion, with the launch of its first Latin American based Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub. Goal? To accelerate the development of innovative mobility solutions and offer passengers seamless experiences while moving from A to B. 

A rockstar Jumpstart team of 8 employees originally based in Europe, were tasked with an amazing project; to bring the Hub into life by setting local foundations and facilitating the hiring and recruitment process. Coming from different backgrounds, ranging from Engineers to Product Managers and Designers as well as Recruiters, the team departed a few weeks ago for Mexico City to kickstart an exciting journey that marks a milestone to remember in their professional career. Do you want to know their first impressions? Then, here is a sneak peek!

Ioanna and Fotis are part of the Jumpstart team. Ioanna is a Product Designer and Fotis is an Engineering Manager at Beat. They both joined the team from Greece, where Beat’s headquarters are located. We asked them to describe their first weeks in Mexico City:  

“It’s been amazing from the very beginning. People in our office in Mexico have done a great job with our relocation to ensure a very smooth transition. We have been exploring the city, the food, the parks and the nightlife. We even started taking some climbing and yoga lessons and also took a 3 day vacation in Puerto Escondido! It’s great to see how friendly and welcoming people are here! Something that you immediately realize is that Mexico City is a safe place to live. All you have to do is just avoid certain areas”, said Ioanna.

Beat Jumpstart team enjoyes a day at the beach.
The team had the opportunity to enjoy some carefree days at the beach.

“It’s been a blast! Our first days at work have been super busy, but we also have had a lot of fun exploring this beautiful and vibrant city”, Fotis added.

Mexico’s culture is rich, colorful and vibrant. Probably one of the most fascinating cultures in the world! The team couldn’t be more inspired by this, even from their very first days in the city: 

“What impressed me the most is the diversity in the city. You can easily notice the Aztecs’, Mayas’ and the European colonisation’s influence. You see it in the food, in the architecture, in the art. I also love that people are dancing everywhere, all day long, expressing their emotions with no judgments. I also did not expect that the queer community here would be so active and present”, Ioanna noticed.

“I was actually surprised by how open and kind the Mexican people are. They definitely seem to know how to enjoy life and have fun”, highlighted Fotis.

The Beat Jumpstart Team getting to know each other.
A lunch break under the sun of Mexico City is always a good idea.

Right after settling down in the city, the team almost immediately started setting the first foundations for Beat’s LatAm Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub. A mission that is not easy, but is definitely fulfilling.    

“We spend a lot of time collaborating with the Local Operations teams, getting to know what the actual challenges are when it comes to the operations of our services. Additionally, we put a lot of effort in making sure that the new team that we’re building here will be set up for success”, Fotis said. 

“It’s really exciting to get to meet the product you’ve been working on for so long. We have visited our parking lots and our driver centers, we have been using our services on a daily basis to have first hand experience and get to meet our Mexican colleagues. We are also very excited to meet the first members of the Hub’s team, Juan and Pit, Product Manager and Service Designer respectively”, Ioanna added.

Beat employees in the LatAm Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub.
Being part of the team Beat means enjoying autonomy in one’s work, while pursuing a common purpose.

The Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in LatAm will be focused on building, operating and continuously updating the vast infrastructure and backend systems that power Beat’s most innovative projects such as Beat Tesla and Beat Zero services that feature all electric cars.

“Beat Tesla and Beat Zero are part of a very unique product. We are trying to understand our customers’ needs here and still discovering the opportunities and the areas we can build on. It feels really good to be part of building a safer community in ride-hailing in places where people actually need it”, highlighted Ioanna.

“It’s been a very interesting initiative since day one. Having spent some time moving around a mega-city like CDMX, I am positive that what we’re trying to do with the introduction of electric vehicles in Latin America and with our fully owned Beat Tesla and Beat Zero fleets, is going to actually improve even more people’s urban experience”, said Fotis. 

At Beat, we want to bring out the best of the cities we operate in, and that starts with our people. We’re challenging ourselves to be our best versions, so we can create the best version of our product. For the Team Beat, every challenge met is an opportunity to grow. 

“Everything is new here, the project itself is demanding. However, we had to quickly adapt to the new reality and start solving problems. On top of that we had to adapt to working in an office after two years of working from home considering the Covid-19 context. Collaborating with other people, properly managing our time, even onboarding new colleagues is indeed a challenge, but definitely an exciting one”, pointed out Ioanna.

“Building a hiring and onboarding process that will allow us to create a strong team within a few months has been one of the greatest challenges we have faced so far. We have to be on top of this and keep reiterating in order to build a world-class team”, added Fotis.

At Beat we are committed to unlock the true potential of people’s lives by reducing friction in the transportation infrastructure of Latin America. We believe that by building teams of talented professionals across the globe, we will shape the future of vibrant cities, accelerating innovation for the development of revolutionary mobility solutions, impacting millions of people and cities.


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