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The most successful projects come to life and accelerate by the ability of the teams to get the big picture and then come back down to solid ground to drive things forward. At Beat, we believe that technology can change the world. Our top priority is to be efficient and develop groundbreaking technologies that improve the lives of the people in the cities we operate in. By using cutting edge technologies and practices, our Engineering team impacts the entire Beat experience. The success of Beat Tesla, the first and largest private fleet of all electric Tesla cars in Latin America, is a brilliant example of team innovation and efficiency.

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Moving with a Tesla through Mexico city is an exceptional experience for both passengers and drivers. Let’s get to know some of the Engineers behind that unique, premium service!
Let’s find out their learnings and what has kept them busy and inspired since day one!

Beat Tesla | George Chronis, Backend Engineering Team Lead at Beat
George Chronis, Engineering Manager at Beat

“Τhe implementation period of the Beat Tesla service was a very creative period, with excellent cooperation,” spotlights George Chronis, Engineering Manager at Beat. To complete such a large and innovative project, several teams had to communicate and work together effectively. The most exciting thing, and at the same time the biggest challenge, was that the whole collaboration happened entirely remotely, many times in different time zones of Mexico City, Athens and Amsterdam.

Beat Tesla | George Kechagias, Software Backend Engineer at Beat
George Kechagias, Software Backend Engineer at Beat

“My team started having regular pair-programming sessions, in which the members of the backend team exchanged ideas regarding various implementation details, and received feedback in a more mediate manner,” highlights George Kechagias, Software Backend Engineer at Beat. Doing all that effectively was a brand new learning experience for the team behind the scenes. In the end, even in these unprecedented times, in spite of being far away from each other, we managed to ensure the release of a qualitative product.

Beat Tesla | Konstantinos Moraitis, Software Engineer at Beat
Konstantinos Moraitis, Software Engineer at Beat

One of the most challenging parts too, was the testing period, to ensure that the final product met all the specified business requirements. “Given that a driver’s performance is affected by a multitude of factors, a thorough investigation was required to analyze how certain events that are happening in the mobile apps during a shift produce quality data for our purposes,” marks Konstantinos Moraitis, Software Engineer at Beat. With such complex scenarios involving many interactions between external services, the team needed to heavily invest in system-level testing and building an automation suite that would evaluate the functionality of the new service in critical end-to-end flows. 

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One of the cornerstones of Beat Tesla service is the unmatched user experience that it offers to our passengers. “…That is possible to happen by the seamless access to data that enables the informed decision-making and optimization of our Tesla fleet. Real-time performance data, available constantly to our partner drivers through the Beat App, help them to fully control the experience of every Beat Tesla ride they perform,” says George Kechagias, who was part of a cross-functional squad team, responsible for designing and implementing a solution for measuring and monitoring the performance of partner drivers who complete the Beat Tesla rides, and act as the primary means of ensuring a premium experience for our customers.

“My team managed to deliver a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) alongside new screens in the driver app, based on which the drivers would be evaluated and able to understand how they are performing, at any point during their shift. In the same direction, a brand new dashboard was deployed to production to serve internal operators with information about partner drivers and their upcoming shifts, to optimize the utilization of our fleet of Teslas,” says Konstantinos Moraitis, being part of the company’s ongoing efforts to realize one of its most promising and innovative projects.

On the other hand, in the Driver Domain, Beat aimed to create a similar unmatched user experience for our drivers and the parking lot agents. “I was part of a great team that implemented several automated processes to minimize the driver-mobile interaction and provide a smooth experience for the driver. We also created an intelligent mechanism for the management and the best utilization of our fleet of cars. This mechanism enabled parking lot agents to do their job seamlessly and efficiently,” says George Chronis.

Such big projects like Beat Tesla, consist of several challenges and even more proud moments. Setting clear expectations, practicing pair programming, communicating proactively and effectively about architectural decisions, sharing satisfaction with the rest of the team during the Beat Tesla service launch, receiving positive feedback, working towards that innovative business model with multiple dimensions, bringing this technology to life and contributing to a more sustainable future by providing zero carbon emissions rides are some of the factors that played a key role for an invaluable inspiration and successful implementation for Beat engineers.

“The morning of the Beat Tesla launch, every member of the Beat Tesla development team was on the edge of their seats waiting for the first Beat Tesla ride to be completed. Needless to say, it received a 5-star rating.” 

The development and launch of this new service came at a very critical time for the world and all our communities, when people were invited to discover new ways to move and connect. During these extraordinary times, and while working on a full remote mode, Team Beat achieved to hit one more milestone for the company and the industry reaffirming that flexibility, collaboration and innovation are the key ingredients to a brighter future. Our deep collaboration and the team’s excellence foundations established throughout the years, allowed us to continue bringing new mobility solutions and value to our customers and partners.

Beat is growing fast, expanding its team worldwide! If you  want to be part of the future of urban mobility…

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