A deep dive in electromobility with Beat and The Ride Share Guy

A conversation with Harry Campbell from The Ride Share Guy

Have you ever imagined that ride-hailing would go as far as it does nowadays? Where it’s no longer enough about moving passengers from A to B. Where pollution has reached a point where we have to use electric vehicles to try to reverse our carbon footprint; and beyond that, make this service completely safe.
Well, this reality arrived in 2020 to Mexico City and it is called Beat Tesla. A service operated by Beat where it has a private fleet of Tesla Model 3 vehicles driven by hired and trained drivers who provide electromobility services to more and more passengers who are looking for a safer and premium way to reach their destinations and who are increasingly aware of the environmental impact they can generate.

We had the opportunity to talk to Harry Campbell, also known as The Ride Share Guy. We were special guests in his podcast where Harry, a ridesharing industry enthusiast, shared his experience with Beat Tesla on a recent visit to Mexico City and immediately fell in love with the service. Amazed by the way Beat Tesla is operated, he sought a way to talk to our Regional General Manager for New Verticals in Latin America, Alejandro Arbeláez Jaramillo. In this chat he addressed topics such as the innovation of the service, how the idea of creating Beat Tesla came to be, how it has been received by the Mexican market and Beat Zero, our most recent launch, along with other highlights.

Before getting deep into what Beat Tesla is, during the podcast we gave a brief overview of Beat’s history. Beat is an unlikely success story. Founded in 2011 during Greece’s worst recession in decades, Beat has become the country’s most popular app and the country’s number one startup success story. Driven by success, Beat focused in Latin America with the vision of being integral to the fabric of Latin America. Beat aims to make every city a better place to live offering more efficient, safe and easy to use mobility solutions. Our work is focused on winning the hearts of passengers, drivers, employees and investors as Latin America’s favorite mobility solution. Right now, you can find us in more than 20 different cities.

After a couple years of riding within some Latinamerican countries, we have seen an opportunity to revolutionize the ride hailing industry. This is how Beat Tesla was born, with the idea of being an integral to the fabric of Latin America and thinking that the future of shared mobility in Latin America can only be sustainable.

That’s how Beat Tesla was born, a service that gives rise to a completely new business model where we own the fleet, hire and train the drivers, with Tesla Model 3 cars, thereby having full control of the user experience. In that way we can address different customer needs, but keeping in mind the two reasons why they were created: safety and environment care, highlighted Alejandro

And now a fun fact. In 2021, out of the 100% of electric cars sold in Mexico City, 15% were purchased by Beat.

Beat Tesla arrives in Mexico to start the revolution in electromobility

But if you ask for the main purpose of Beat Tesla’s service. Alejandro has the answer for you:

“If I could summarize it, I would say that there are two main objectives, the first one is to be the only service in Latam full of innovation and to bring the highest quality to the user in terms of experience and creating a unique mobility service that is different from traditional ride-hailing solutions. The second is to keep shaping the future of ride-hailing in Latam, that we are actually doing it already. To understand how electromobility will be working in the future and where’s the place for that kind of service: a full electric fleet and all its changes, I mean, within performance industries, the charging capabilities, and furthermore, affirmed Alejandro.”

On the company’s objective, Alejandro mentioned the biggest goal is to keep growing the electric services all over Latam, focusing in Mexico City and then, throughout different countries in Latinamerica, giving a small peek of the new Beat Zero services launched in Bogota and Santiago. “We know this is the right direction we need to follow in order to get to our destination. Now the next question you should answer is: Where Next?”

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