Beat Tesla turns one. A year in motion!

It feels like a far-fetched dream but this October marks one year since the day that we, at Beat, all loud and proud launched a service with the vision to change what we all knew as moving around the city by that time. One year ago, we dared to dream big and we decided to invest time, dreams, healthy debates and of course a substantial amount of resources so that we can become the change we want to see in the world. This October, the city of Mexico is wearing its festive mint suit! Beat Tesla turns one! 

We cannot help but reminisce about that last year, full of challenging times, tough decisions, a pandemic that forced all humanity to slow down… Did it though? Not us! Challenging times require courageous decisions. One of those for us, at Beat, was the launch of Beat Tesla, the largest private all-electric fleet of Tesla 3 vehicles in Latin America. 

A year in review… A year in numbers 

Beat Tesla Milestones

It is customary during birthdays to look back on what had happened over the last year, weigh actions and results and evaluate achievements and things to be improved. We won’t shy away from this custom…

Our first day on the streets of Mexico was the 5th of October 2020 and as it was expected people got excited with the new service, using it from going to work, to run everyday chores and explore the city. It didn’t take us long to reach our first milestone and the busiest day in terms of requested rides. Actually  it only took us two months, 5th of December 2020. Impressive right? Our first ever passenger, chose to visit Bosques de Chapultepec, one of the largest city parks in Western Hemisphere and the “lungs” of Mexico city as one of the park’s main functions is as an ecological space. Coincidence? The most impressive achievement within the year is that 3,000,000 kilometers were driven with Beat Tesla cars. If you are trying to calculate what is the equivalent of that, let us save you some time. The more than 250 fully trained drivers managed to drive 68 full laps around the earth! Let that sink in! By using Beat Tesla for their daily rides, Mexico city citizens managed for every 100km driven to save 1,000 small trees which translates to almost half a million Kgs of CO2 and one million liters of gasoline saved. The most precious moment of all though, was during June 2021, when a bride chose to arrive at the church with a Beat Tesla, as a testament to a new and better future for herself and for the city. 

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What people say about the service Beat Tesla most visited destinations

Beat invested in excellence in operations, selecting, background checking, onboarding and training of the drivers, upgrading the passengers’ ride to ensure a premium customer experience. One year ago, we decided to revolutionize the way people move around the city and redefine mobility. We have cooperated ever since with an exclusive business partner on fleet management and changed the rules of the mobility game. Every single day our passengers enjoy an excellent riding experience and we asked them to share with us their best moments. It is not a surprise that all of them have the best words to say for the fully trained drivers and how they make the riding experience exceptional. Few days ago, Santi C. wrote to our customer support team that her first ever Beat Tesla ride was simply amazing due to the driver and she would rate him with thousands stars if she could. How rewarding is that? In the same spirit, Diego is encouraging all people living in Mexico city to start using the service not only for the great riding experience and the drivers but for the chance to improve the quality of the air in the city. Not only that, but he is asking other companies to follow the example and offer services like this. We cannot speak for the rest Diego, but stay reassured that we have in store great things for the future! 

Beat Tesla milestones, facilities that consumers enjoy the most

Spotlight… to the drivers and heroes behind the scenes 

A lot has been told about the drivers…so we thought on that special occasion why dont bring them to the spotlight? They do make a huge difference daily on the riding experience of thousands of people, why not get to know them a bit better. And that is exactly what we did! We asked them about their experience driving such an innovative car and how they feel being an integral part of the riding revolution starting from Mexico. 

Beat Tesla DriverPaulina Theresa Palacios Mejía is in the top 5 rated Beat Tesla drivers and even though she is only 24 years old, when asked to share her favorite moment while driving with Beat Tesla, she mentioned that in a world that everything happens fast and speed seems to be the only constant, she focuses to the small gestures of happy passengers and the smiles that sometimes go unnoticed. 

Beat Tesla Driver For Luis David Ledesma Reyes, our newest Beat Tesla driver, the most important aspect of his work is the humane culture of the company, how the employees feel like home and how he can extend to each and every passenger entering the car the exact same attitude and experience. That’s the spirit Luis! 

Our parking lot agents (PLA) are the people behind the scenes making sure that everything works like a well oiled machine and the cars are fully charged and ready before the beginning of each shift. To paraphrase Isaac Newton, If Beat Tesla has been changing the future of urban mobility is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. 

Beat Tesla Parking Lot AgentOne of them being Brenda Ingrid  Ensuástegui Guerrero being our first PLA agent, quoting  that after one year she is still getting excited every morning going to work because with every single day, we manage to engrave into the city’s DNA  Beat Tesla, a crazy idea that is changing the future of mobility day in and day out. 

Beat Tesla Parking Lot Agent Juan ArmandoJimenez Moctezuma, is one of the very first PLA agents to join the team. For him diversity and inclusion played a big part so as to take the decision and join. That is what he values the most and that is what he is mostly proud of. Being part of an inclusive company is the most wonderful feeling he quotes and his smile says it all. 

Daring to do things differently is the core element of our DNA at Beat. We believe that the first question to be answered is what our communities need and what problems they are called to face daily and then try to find the way to solve them. No matter how crazy the solution might seem, we are committed to make it happen and solve real everyday problems, air pollution and traffic congestion being two important ones for Mexico city. The vision behind Beat Tesla is exactly that. To provide an alternative transportation solution, a unique riding experience and inspire the community to be part of something bigger while exploring their city: to redefine the future of the city one ride at a time. 


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