Beat’s virtual roundtable: “The Future of Electro-Mobility in Mexico”

Beat, the fastest growing ride-hailing app in Latin America, successfully coordinated its first virtual roundtable themed: “The Future of Electromobility in Mexico”. The discussion was dominated by Beat’s first and largest all-electric vehicle ride hailing service in Latin America; Beat Tesla, which was officially introduced to a select group of media and key opinion leaders that joined the roundtable.

Beat Tesla service and how it constitutes an innovative sustainable transportation solution was the main focus of the roundtable.

Mauricio Lopez, General Manager at Beat Mexico officially presented the service, while Gonzalo Peón, Director del Programa México del Instituto de Políticas para el Transporte y el Desarrollo (ITDP), joined the discussion, emphasizing on their vision regarding sustainable and inclusive mobility in CDMX and highlighting how Beat Tesla service fits that vision. 

Mauricio talked about Beat’s vision for a more sustainable future and introduced Beat Tesla highlighting the service’s fundamentals; business innovation, operational excellence and technology, along with the service’s key differentiators and the future plans of Beat.

“This service marks a new era for us, reaffirming our commitment to a more sustainable future, a core element of our corporate strategy. In the near future we plan to create a well-rounded portfolio of sustainable services that will incorporate more electric vehicles and different models, offering numerous mobility solutions with multiple price ranges that will cover the different needs of all our consumers. Our goal is to scale very quickly, expanding the service to more Mexican cities and all of the markets we operate in the region”, said Mauricio Lopez during his presentation. “We invite you to be part of this revolution and live the change with us”, he completed. 

Gonzalo Peón talked about the importance of working together towards a common goal; this would be to promote an adequate mobility ecosystem with the help of the authorities, private initiatives, civil society organizations and Transportation Networking Companies like Beat.   

“This launch is very interesting. In ITDP we created a program called “Ideamos”, with the purpose of generating alliances and exploring innovations. Beat Tesla service can have a positive effect on the environment and the health of the population. These are aspects that can be measured and can be part of an appropriate ecosystem that provides much needed solutions”, said Gonzalo Peón. “An important part of the evolution of ride-hailing has to do with the way in which we relate to the drivers and Beat is definitely innovative in this aspect. It is the first time we see a company hiring and training drivers, even though it is through a partner”, he added.

To join the electric revolution start by simply downloading the app from your iOs or Android device. Create a personal account, request your Beat Tesla and ride away to a greener future, one ride at a time. 

Visit Beat Tesla to find out more about the service.