Free coding classes for vulnerable communities

At Beat we support the initiative of Social Hackers Academy (SHA) from the very beginning, in various ways. SHA is a technical education school in Athens, Greece and teaches programming to refugees and long term unemployed people. Their mission is to help them follow a new career path.

The coding classes are organised pro bono by professional developers who have taken on the task to teach programming to the students. At Beat, other than financially supporting this initiative, we want to actively contribute to the students’ education by sharing knowledge and expertise.

Stratoula Kalafateli, Senior Frontend Developer at Beat, took part in the recent classes of SHA by teaching students the basic principles of React. React, for those who don’t have a coding background, is a programming language for web applications and it is very popular among modern companies. The whole thing was broken down into 9 hours of interactive classes where the students flooded Stratoula with questions as their interest for web development turned out to be huge!


If you are a developer yourself and you like the idea, you can also become a volunteer teacher at SHA. For more info click here.

In the meantime, SHA is organising a series of free-entrance workshops powered by Beat under the title Bridging the Gap in the Digital Industry. The workshops aim at empowering the soft skills of the participants in areas like Project Management, Time Management, Teamwork, Negotiation and Leadership. Find out more here.


Fill in your mobile number to receive an SMS with the download link of the app and get started. Simple as that.

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