An incredible three years ride in Colombia

It’s happening! This month marks three years since Beat arrived in Colombia to become your riding partner. With millions of rides, and thousands of economic opportunities created globally, we are impacting lives while celebrating cities across Colombia.

The Beat app aims to support people’s right to have absolutely reliable, safe and pleasant transportation, through a great experience. Beat’s 3 years anniversary in Colombia is a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the region of Latin America. Numbers speak louder than words… Let’s see what has been achieved in three years:

– 280,000+ drivers and 4+ million passengers have been riding with Beat Colombia so far.
– We reached 709+ million kilometers … which is equivalent to almost twice the distance between Earth and Mars.
– Drivers’ earnings have been increased to $34,000,000,000+.

We take pride on this year’s anniversary even more as Beat has been a driving force and an ally in the process of economic reactivation that the country is experiencing during the covid-19 period. We make  transportation in the Colombian cities more affordable, efficient and safe, while providing economic opportunities to anyone.

 Beat Colombia 3 years anniversary | Medellin  Beat Colombia 3 years anniversary | Barranquilla

With its hyperlocal vision of improving urban life, with solutions tailored to cities and their inhabitants, the Beat app has been moving people from A to B in 5 major Colombian cities: Bogota, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga while offering a great portfolio of mobility solutions covering every need of our passengers. The Beat core service has reached such relevance that 1 out of every 2 Bogota citizens has made at least one trip with Beat. In addition, Beat was the first application in Colombia to introduce the Beat Lite, a service with lower rates that allows vehicle models between 1999 and 2003; thus giving even more opportunities for a greater number of people who have their cars parked, to make efficient use of them and contribute to the mobility of the country, while generating additional income.

At the peak of the pandemic crisis, in April 2020, Beat Colombia opened the door to a new mobility trend for the ride-hailing industry by launching Beat Envío and Beat Envío Moto: the opportunity to deliver essential goods around the cities we operate from one person or business to another, using Beat as a courier. The service also supports all small and medium local companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies to deliver their products to their customers. In fact, the Beat app is the only mobility tech platform in Colombia having motorcycle shipping service. This responds to its knowledge of the local market and its ability to adapt to user’s needs. According to our data, almost 1 million packages have been delivered between Colombians since its launch in May 2020, a proof that locals aim to keep on using Beat Envio and Beat Envío Moto to send goods and parcels to loved ones, even after the end of the pandemic.

While upgrading our everyday life and moving into a more sustainable future. One of Beat’s priorities for Colombia will be to focus on electromobility. According to the Office of Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Transport, it is expected that by 2030 there will be more than 600,000 electric vehicles generating zero emissions.

“Beat’s path during these three years in Colombia has been full of challenges and turns as exciting as interesting. Millions of Colombians found an option to generate income through Beat, or to mobilize in an accessible, safe and reliable way. Our commitment is to continue building a path that leads Colombians to their destinations, no matter what. We will continue working on the future of mobility, to make the cities of Colombia smarter and more sustainable. We will continue to offer solutions tailored to Colombia’s needs, at fair prices and with high levels of innovation, safety and efficiency; attributes that have characterized us from the moment we arrived in the country”, highlights Alejandro Arbeláez, General Manager of Beat Colombia. 

While Beat is transforming the ability to get around Colombia, it wouldn’t be possible to do so without people behind the scenes… On this blissful and charming day of Beat Colombia anniversary may our drivers and our teams behind the scenes continue the journey of success with pride offering an excellent customer experience to all passengers for every single ride. Thank you for being part of the Beat ride!

Celebrate with us and enjoy the Beat ride by living the experience via both Android & iOS.

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