How Beat responded to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led communities across the world to face unprecedented moments. The impact of the crisis in people’s everyday life has been tremendous, while most of the public sectors were inevitably affected, including public transportation. We at Beat, loyal to our mission to build technology for a better urban life, continued working relentlessly to assist public health authorities and took all actions needed to support the communities in Latin America. Monitoring the development of the pandemic and following the governmental requirements have been our fundamental tools.

Here are the latest developments in our
ongoing response:

When mission comes first

Committed to facilitating the need for commuting during this crisis while trying to keep communities safe, Beat introduced Beat Mission. It’s a service designed to help everyone in need to move more effortlessly during the State of Emergency. The reduced fares service was launched in Peru and Argentina as Beat’s regular services had to be temporarily disabled following the State of Emergency. 

Beat Mission service launched in response to COVID-19 pandemic in Buenos Aires and Lima to transfer those in need to move and have an authorized permission
Beat Mission is available in Argentina and Peru


The initiative of Beat Mission was part of our efforts to connect people with essential services and goods, such as pharmacies, hospitals, grocery stores, supermarkets,  malls and banks, while enabling thousands of professionals such a medical, bank and supply chain personnel – among others – or those who must provide care to family members in need, to get to their destinations safe. Within the first 47 days of the emergency service’s operation, Beat helped more than 18,000 people on a daily basis to safely reach their destination, while during these challenging times, Beat enabled 26,000 drivers to earn an income, with total driver earnings reaching the amount of  5,189,000 USD.

Providing transportation to the frontliners 

While the vast majority of people started working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people had to continue their duties in person, including health care workers. Providing effective transportation while ensuring the wellbeing of these frontline heroes was among Beat’s top priorities. For this reason, Beat introduced yet another temporary initiative, the Beat Bus, a free bus service to transfer the healthcare personnel. 

Beat Bus a Free Transfer Service for medical personnel in Buenos Aires and Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic
Beat Bus: A Free Transfer Service for medical personnel in Buenos Aires and Lima

In response to the needs of local communities during the State of Emergency, Beat provided
free transportation for more than 1,800 medical workers who fought day and night against the COVID‑19 pandemic. The free bus covered more than 8,000 km in Lima, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina, completing 466 driving hours between numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities. The temporary service proved to be a successful mobility solution in both markets.

Supporting the delivery of goods and supplies by expanding our services 

During a period of curfews, lock-downs and self-quarantine recommendations, the need for connecting people and vulnerable communities with goods has never been more relevant. In response to the growing needs of our communities in Latin America during the State of Emergency, Beat introduced Beat Envío, a new service to send or receive goods and supplies utilising Beat’s wide network of drivers.

The Beat Envío courier service is available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru
Beat Envío is a service for transferring goods, packages, boxes in Latin America

Beat Envío was launched in April in
20 Latin American cities in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina providing local communities with an affordable courier option for goods and supplies such as groceries, medicine, prepared food, clothing, documents. Beat Envío has also helped ensure the income of more than 30,000 drivers so far, with total drivers’ earnings reaching the amount of 1,669,000 USD. In over a month of operations, more than 4,888,857 km have been covered to facilitate the delivery of more than 600,000 packages, with more than 10,300 packages delivered on a daily basis. Beat Envío came also as a courier solution for all small and medium local companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies, giving them the opportunity to deliver their products to their customers. 

Βased on user satisfaction surveys conducted in Argentina, Chile and Mexico in April 2020, 85% – 96% of people that used the service are satisfied and would use Beat Envío again for future deliveries, while 75% – 95% of drivers enjoyed earning an income by driving with the new service.

Expanding our delivery options to provide even more economic opportunities 

BEAT LAUNCHES ENVÍO MOTO: NEW DELIVERY SERVICE WITH MOTORCYCLESFollowing the launch of Beat Envío, Beat recently introduced another new service, Beat Envío Moto, to send or receive goods, exclusively served by motorcycles. Beat Envío Moto complements the launch of Beat Envío by allowing deliveries of smaller packages or documents. Beat Envío Moto is currently available in Argentina, with more Latin American countries to follow. 

This new service secures a source of income for a large community of drivers, which  includes motorcyclists. It is also a way to widen the options that both individuals and companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have in order to continue to respect social distancing while keeping their businesses running.

Expanding our services to support social distancing on-the-go 

Beat XL service

 Beat always committed to support its local communities, has launched in Lima, Peru, the new Beat XL service, an option with more space at the right price. XL offers vehicles manufactured from 2010 with a capacity of up to six passengers. However, during the COVID-19 scenario, XL allows a maximum of three people per ride, unlike the Lite and Beat regular services that allow only two, following government restrictions. 

The new service represents a comfortable option for those who need to carry large packages, go to the airport with big suitcases or, for an emergency, ride with two more people. It also represents a good opportunity to generate additional income for drivers of larger vehicles, who may have been affected by the pandemic. 


Comfort on-the-go at the forefront 

Beat PLUS service in Bogota

With Beat PLUS, being launched in Bogota, Colombia, Beat is reaffirming its commitment to both passengers and drivers to provide safe and reliable transportation solutions. Drivers owning an SUV from 2011 onwards and having a 4,7 rating are eligible to drive with Beat PLUS and have the opportunity to get the most out of their cars.  Passengers on the other hand who wish to move around the city using a more comfortable mobility service, will now have the best available option at a tap of a button. 

Deeply caring about the safety and wellbeing of its people, Beat will continue looking for new ways to provide support to the communities, exploring more services essential during these times of uncertainty, always following and implementing the governmental safety measures. 

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