Committed to helping our communities

Hand in hand with our communities we support vaccinations in Chile

Committed to our mission, to build a better urban life, we joined forces with the municipalities of La Pintana and Puente Alto, offering free transportation to health personnel so that they can bring to life their “vaccination at home” plan of action and discounts to all people that want to return at ease back home from the vaccination centres. Both municipalities are in the top five most populated areas in Santiago facing shortage in transportation solutions and with the highest number of active cases of COVID-19. These initiatives in collaboration with the municipalities will last for approximately a month starting from the 10th of May and are expected to serve more than 2000 people both vaccinated at home and at the respective centers.

Together against COVID-19  

“Together against COVID-19″ is a Beat initiative, joined by the municipalities of La Pintana and Puente Alto to bring to life their vaccination support programs, ensuring a safe and efficient transportation of the health personnel. Beat offered four cars, two per municipality, and drivers to move health workers around the areas so that they can provide home vaccinations for the people of reduced mobility, who are in the priority age range, according to the National Vaccination Calendar, alongside with those who cannot go to the vaccination centers due to their essential at the times occupation. More than 10,000km were covered by Beat for health personnel’s transportation. From May 10th to June 4th, and always committed to addressing to local communities needs, Beat, supported more than 2,000 residents of La Pintana and Puente Alto. Committed towards our mission to build a better urban, we joined forces with local authorities to increase the number of vaccinations and flatten the curve against the biggest health challenge of our times.

Get vaccinated with Beat 

We want to help our communities in Chile to start moving again and for that reason we bring to life the initiative of “Getting vaccinated with Beat”. We are offering 1.000 chilean pesos trips from vaccination centers back home for the people that want to travel back home after their vaccination. In that way, we make sure we reduce the risk of contagion while using public transportation. Passengers just need to scan the Beat QR code to be found outside of vaccination centers and they get immediately granted the $1.000 discount for their ride back home. We are all eager to go back to all of the things we love and enjoy doing what we had missed all this time. 

That is our main motivator when trying to find new ways to help our communities return to life as we knew it. We work closely with local authorities to provide solutions and support all people that want to get vaccinated in any way possible. We can all make a difference one ride at a time! Stay strong and make sure to follow our global sanitary protocol any time you leave your house and jump into a Beat. 

Stay Safe