Decoding Women at Beat

Today it’s perfectly common to see females enjoying vibrant careers, with many entering the technology and information industry, taking top roles in some of the world’s biggest businesses — and this is a beautifully powerful thing to witness.

At Beat, we believe that outstanding women in the tech ecosystem can foster great conversations and lead the way to change. We see women literally breaking through the glass ceiling and standing alongside their male peers to deliver incredible results within the tech world. Not only does their presence shatter the concept that technology-related career paths are only open to men, but it also gives the tech sector a far more approachable and down-to-earth touch.

We are proud to have women representing 43% of Beat’s total workforce globally. As Team Beat is an ever growing family, we welcome and embrace diverse perspectives, coming from people with different backgrounds and cultures. We see talented individuals that crave to learn, evolve and offer back to the community by developing seamless mobility for a safe and sustainable urban life and a better tomorrow.

Last year, Beat celebrated International Women’s Month by introducing “Women Beat Technology”, powered by Beat, the company’s first LatAm  Virtual Roundtable. We called on female leaders and executives in technology and innovation in Latin America to join forces and share unique experiences,  in an effort to support and empower women, boost critical thinking and inspire the younger female generations to pursue STEM careers. For March 2022, the Women’s month, Beat decodes the stories of its very own Beat Women in Technology. Meet the women unlocking the true potential of cities through innovation and technology.

Watch the video:

At Beat, our heart skips a beat because we really believe that diverse teams can bring great ideas, simply because each one of them can bring a different point of view and a different perspective. We encourage all women around the world to do support themselves and their peers to drive a more diverse and inclusive global tech industry by:

– Knowing their worth and showcasing their different perspectives and skill sets into organizations.
– Becoming life-long learners and keep looking for new ways to grow.
– Standing out and therefore unfolding their talents and skills.
– Inspiring, fostering great conversations and leading the way to change.

People can find inspiration by demonstrated achievements and growing opportunities for women role models in the tech industry. There are so many options for a tech career. It is not just programming or coding — the options are unlimited. So, just go for it.

In the coming weeks, Beat will unveil new initiatives related to the tech communities in Latin America. So stay tuned!

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