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At Beat, we take pride in our mission to build technology for a better urban life, improving people’s experience when moving. We are committed to continuous learning as well as tackling the challenges of tomorrow. Αutomation and constant growth are part of our DNA and our culture and we make sure to apply it on our daily tasks! 

We are delighted to announce that, being a tech & innovation hub, Beat is moving forward towards full automation and harmonization of its core financial processes by implementing SAP S/4HANA solution reflected to 7 countries of operation: Greece, Netherlands, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia & Mexico. In order to achieve that, we partnered up  with SAP Platinum Partner, Real Consulting, as a result of a demanding evaluation process. Highlights of the implementation is, among others, a full FIORI based UI and an installation hosted on MS Azure Platform. 

We are delighted to announce that Greece, Peru & Netherlands are already in productive operations mode since Q2 2021 receiving all the benefits from the first days. However, the accounting and finance departments for the rest of the countries are in full action to achieve the go-live date early Q4 2021,” highlighted Spyros Chalaris, Senior Finance Manager at Beat & SAP Program Manager.

Real Consulting is partnering with Seidor Consulting for localizations in Latam countries, both companies being members of United VARs, the leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the mid-market worldwide. By implementing SAP S4HANA, Beat expects to reduce closing cycles, achieve cash optimization and improve financial insights in the organization.

By automating routine decisions, we can scale efficiently and create a data-driven learning system. In today’s world, it feels like we are always running on all cylinders. It’s no longer necessary to spend an entire day on a task that could take just a few minutes with automation. It’s becoming increasingly important to keep up productivity  so that employees can focus on vital tasks that require their full attention. 

“As Beat is growing fast and the finance industry is rapidly changing, innovation and continuous development is in the nature of our business. We needed a stable financial platform to grow together following our plans and expectations. SAP S4HANA solution depth and Real Consulting implementation capabilities, as well as global coverage has been a choice of trust for our ambitious Finance Transformation program,” added Spyros Chalaris. 

Beat holds an obstacle-free vision of the world in motion — a world where people can pull any destination into the reach of their hand. We love the way technology moves humanity forward and we are fascinated by the productivity gains we make by automating tasks that were previously done manually. We dive into data and learn from it, while relying on technology to help us be fast, effective, and efficient. 

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