Together we Go to new knowledge heights

At Beat, we aspire to open roads for knowledge sharing and tech expertise. Bring communities closer to exchange useful insights that lead to a brighter future.

In January 2020, we hosted the first Go-community Meetups of the year in our new offices in Amsterdam and Athens. Beat is heavily investing in Go, gradually moving its backend development into this programming language. The plan is every new microservice to be written in Go, as well as refactor the existing ones into this.

Golang programming language is known for its scalability, concurrency, and superior error check, having a simple syntax. This helps us train our new and old engineers, no matter the background they have in different languages, to quickly adjust their programming skills, providing them with a new and powerful tool.

Go Meetup by Goland Amsterdam

A Go Meetup by Golang Amsterdam was hosted in our new offices in the center of Amsterdam. Representatives from our Backend engineering team delivered two technical presentations on Go programming language and shared insights about how we make the most out of it at Beat. 

Go Meetup by Golang Amsterdam hosted by Beat
Kanan Rahimov and Serdar Ormanli, Senior Backend Engineers at Beat, gave a keynote entitled “Insight into the go modules and gomodctl tool”.

Kanan Rahimov and Serdar Ormanli, Senior Backend Engineers at Beat, gave a keynote entitled
Insight into the go modules and gomodctl tool. During this, they talked about how to organize modules and packages in Go and how Go tooling handles module versioning. The second part of the talk focused on gomodctl tool, our open-source project that helps developers with project dependencies. 

Go Meetup by Golang Amsterdam hosted by Beat
Vangelis Katikaridis, Senior Backend Engineer at Beat, presenting at the Go Meetup by Golang Amstrdam on January 2020.

One more member of our stellar engineering team in Amsterdam, Vangelis Katikaridis, Senior Backend Engineer, took the stage for an insightful lightning talk under the topic “Pointers vs. Values […debugged]”. His presentation focused on using either pointers or values as arguments in Golang methods. The test implementations were extensively benchmarked and assessed based on the compiler output. A mix of graphs, code and result snippets were used to present the results.

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8th Athens Gophers Meetup

Organised by Athens Gophers, this was the first-ever open community event hosted in our new offices in Athens at the Orbit. We welcomed 80 Golang enthusiasts to an event that was structured with presentations from Team Beat members.


The first talk entitled “No country for old Mangos” by Delio D’Anna, Senior Backend Engineer at Beat, presented some interesting tools for creating distributed topologies the hard way.

Sotirios Mantziaris, Senior Engineering Manager at Beat, then took the stage to reveal Beat’s “Go way” to technology innovations. During his presentation, Sotiris explained how Go helps Beat create amazing software, guided the audience through a selection of our innovations built with Go, and presented some of our open source projects.

He first presented REMS and microrule, a decentralized rule engine management system made by Beat and continued with Harvester, an open source package for static and runtime reconfiguration of Go applications, and finally Patron, a microservice framework following best cloud practices with a focus on productivity.

Do you want to find out more about our engineering philosophy? Visit Beat Labs to discover our open source projects on Github and Beat Careers to kick off an amazing journey with us.