Happy Birthday Beat

It’s official! This month we tipped the cap to a milestone of Beat’s history… We turned 10! What a ride it has been?! On this momentous occasion, it’s truly amazing to see Beat growing. From the very first blossoming seeds to the stages we have reached today, we are so excited for what is coming in the future. May we keep on thriving in the next decades!

Beat is an unlikely success story. Founded in 2011 during Greece’s worst recession in decades, Beat has become the country’s most popular app and the country’s number one startup success story. Focused in Latin America and with the vision towards building technology for a better urban life, Beat aims to make every city a better place to live offering more efficient, safe and easy to use mobility solutions. Our work is focused on innovation and investing in understanding local culture and local drivers’ and riders’ needs like no other. Right now, you can find us in 23 different cities in Europe and Latin America.

10 Years Beat Anniversary | Milestones
Beat’s milestones since day one

As we reflect on how far we have come in those 10 first years and what we have achieved, we feel happy to have the right people on board shaping the future of urban mobility day in and day out.  Today Beat is a company of 700+ employees, with team members in 20+ countries across the globe.

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Let’s discover together what has happened since day one for Beat. Numbers speak louder than words… So, what’s so special this year?

10 Years Beat's anniversary | Beat's numbers and facts
Beat’s achievements and facts in numbers

While Beat is redefining  the ability to get around the cities of Latin America, it wouldn’t be possible to do so without our people putting efforts into Beat’s evolution and growth. We take pride, when our people say that the best part of their Beat journey is the people they are sharing the ride with. We asked our employees to share their personal stories about them playing a key role in the #TeamBeat.

Daniel Isael | Beat Employee sharing a story for the 10 years anniversary of BeatDaniel Isael, Regional Operations Manager Fraud & Safety at Beat Chile

“When I started working I did not know any open member of the LGBTQIA+ community in a management position. That lack of representation often made me wonder if I would have to sacrifice being my true self at work in order to advance in my career. Luckily I met wonderful people in my journey, who were not only supportive but also genuinely inspiring, and I am grateful to where my choices led me career wise. I was also very lucky to work for amazing companies, as Beat, that embrace Diversity & Inclusion and made me feel comfortable and welcome. I have always been passionate about Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging and I feel deeply committed to creating safe workplaces and building inclusive teams.”

Laura Daniela Ramirez | Beat employee who shares her story about appreciating beat for its 10 years anniversaryLaura Daniela Remirez, Accountant at Beat Colombia

“If you ask Daniela of 2018 if she sees herself working at a tech company, she would probably say that she wants to stay at a traditional firm and continue working until she gets a manager position, but life happens and surprises you in ways you can’t ever imagine. That was Beat for me, the biggest and finest surprise of all. At Beat I’ve learned that accounting is not always operational and boring, that you can still have a lot of responsibility but it does not mean you have to lose what you are as a person, that you can have fun at your workplace while contributing to build a powerful company. I’ll be forever grateful with Beat because now I have time for my family and friends, and to do the things I like.”

Vladimir Petrovski | Beat employee shares his story, appreciating Beat for its 10 years anniversaryVladimir Petrovski, Senior Android Developer at Beat

“I’ve been wishing to work remotely for quite some time, long before any lockdown around the world, and I found a great opportunity at Beat. Working on an app used by millions of users sounded awesome, but was it as great as it seemed in many blogposts? I can now gladly say that it’s indeed true. My first fully remote so-called “test month” took place in Tuscany, as it was the closest place I could go by car in these strange times. Being abroad made me more focused than ever and fulfilled me. Can’t yet tell why, but I promise to share that in some next story. As we have learned over the last year, it is very important to know that anyone can work from anywhere in the world.”

Sofia Drogoudi | Beat employee sharing her story about Beat's 10 years anniversarySofia Drogoudi, Marketing & Communications Designer at Beat 

“Almost 3 years ago, on June 11th 2018, I started a beautiful journey, working at Beat. One year later, my amazing son was born! I knew my colleagues were supportive and would help me through the whole process, but I could have never imagined they would make it so easy! I had the chance to decide how I wanted my maternity leave to be arranged and when I came back after a year or so (along with the pandemic) everyone made it feel as if I’d never left. Working remotely with a toddler can be challenging, but it’s so cool I always have a plus one at the zoom calls! Future mums, join us, we’re hiring!”

Italo Mendez | Beat employee shares his story, appreciating Beat for its 10 years anniversary

Italo Mendez, CX Insights Analyst at Beat

“I was promoted to analyst after 5 months as an intern! It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Beat wasn’t my first internship, not even the second. It was my third, and I must say it was the company that gave me real responsibilities and let me make more decisions. From day one, Beat trusted my skills, allowed me to learn from my mistakes and taught me how to overcome them. I learned to lead projects, work with teams on the other side of the world, and not let my position of interest prevent me from exposing my ideas and opinions. I thank all the people who have accompanied me, taught and supported me during my career… Especially those who trusted me from the beginning!”

Patricia Jebsen, General Manager at Beat Argentina10 years anniversary | Patricia Jebsen

“At Beat I learned that I can make mistakes. It is a company that encourages you to improve, both those who have been at the company for years and those who have just started. I believe in constant training and in that sense, as General Manager of Beat in Argentina, I care to lead by example. I am the one who completed the most Linkedin Learning courses in the Argentina team, a learning tool that Beat provides to all of its employees. It’s not common for a company to offer so many possibilities and it is important for me to motivate my teams to grow since there are no ceilings at Beat. One Friday every two months we carry out Enrichment Day, a day destined to train ourselves in what we want. We also have unique programs such as the Annual Training Budget, which all employees can use for congresses, courses, or whatever they want that boosts their skills.  Working with young and different people allows me to learn from them every day, and due to that team Beat Argentina is what it is.  My goal is to spread my enthusiasm to all the people who work with me.”

10 years anniversary | Eleni Markou

Eleni Markou, Machine Learning Engineer at Beat

“I was around 13-14 years old when I wrote my first lines of code for a school project back then and immediately realized my inclination towards development. Maybe it was the sheer joy of “making things” and the methodical approach, almost like building a lego, that I enjoyed and so becoming a software engineer was a no-brainer for me. Fast forward to today, I have the privilege to be part of the awesome engineering team here at Beat! Together with amazing people from all over Europe and Latin America, every day we build what we consider to be the future of urban mobility. Challenging as this may sound, it is also very rewarding. And for me, this is exactly what fascinates me the most: seeing myself and my colleagues growing professionally and personally day by day!”

A big round of applause to all people who put great effort into Beat’s evolution all these years! Here’s to the next 10! To the ones that mobility will be redefined and our local communities will be graciously enjoying a better urban life every single day! Do you want to join us? Find your role and apply: thebeat.co/en/careers/