Hello to the new brand of Beat!The ride-hailing app ensuring reliable transportation

Cities are constantly changing. They are living organisms that are continuously evolving based on the needs of the people that inhabit them. No matter their differences, all cities have something in common: the need for efficient transportation. The easier people get around, the happier they are. Their experience is less about cars and it is more about reliable transportation and communities. They take advantage of the endless possibilities their cities offer and feel as part of them.

Beat decided to take the next step. Utilising all the knowledge it has gained since its beginning in 2010 (as Taxibeat), it moved forward to create a new experience in urban mobility. Evolve into a brand that embraces the culture of each city, becoming one with it to offer safety and convenience to its users.

The well-known DesignStudio was chosen to create the new identity of Beat. Inspired by the universal language of city code, DesignStudio created the Beat alphabet. Symbols and signs that represent the everyday activities. Beat doesn’t move people from one place to another. Every ride is an experience, unlocking the endless possibilities of each city.

“Open Cities is about connecting people with the possibilities within them. Giving users the power to explore the city they love in a safe and affordable way, and investing in drivers’ potential, helping them build their own businesses that work around their schedules.”


Fill in your mobile number to receive an SMS with the download link of the app and get started. Simple as that.

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