How to ace your interview at Beat

What makes Beat successful? Among the exceptional talent and hard work of our teams, one of our biggest strengths lies in sharing common values. Our values are closely linked to our company culture, which all Beat employees live, breath, uphold and evolve. Whatever we do and wherever we are located, we are guided by the same seven principles.  

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By fitting the right people in the right positions, we are able to rally a group of like-minded, yet diverse, professionals who bond over our core values. It allowed us to create an enviable working environment that inspires our people to give their best for our customers and our cities. Our values aren’t just words on the wall… We talk about them almost every single day, during meetings, company communications, even during lunch!

Be the customer | Beat ValueWe place the customer first in everything we do. Not only that… We view all decisions through the customer perspective!

Own it and get it done | Beat valueWhat would you do if you were in charge of Beat? This is the key question behind everything you do at Beat. We act as if we were the owner by striving to balance quality and speed. 

Challenge often, commit always | Beat ValuesEach one of our voices matter! We embrace constructive debate and disagree respectfully by committing on the way forward.

Solve local. build bigger | Beat ValueWe are a multi diverse team with operations solely focused in Latin America. We build locally relevant solutions fit for scale! We are resourceful, frugal and we work smart by finding creative ways to solve problems efficiently.

Embrace and seek change | Beat ValueWe welcome change and grow from it! We expand into new opportunities and explore new spaces beyond our current boundaries of knowledge.

Put us above I | Beat ValueAnd our favorite… We only win as One Beat. We collaborate and achieve results together while treating each other with empathy and respect. 

This is also how we hire! We look for people who share our values and assess this fit as an integral part of each and every interview at Beat. If you are interested in joining our team, we are happy to share why our values are so important for Beat and how you can prepare for your conversations with us. So, here you go!

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Beat’s hiring process is an important part of our culture. The Beat team deeply cares about the people who make them up. We also envision building a representative and inclusive workplace. In order to truly build for everyone, we know that we need a diversity of perspectives and experiences, and a fair hiring process is the first step in getting there. Now that we covered what our value means to us, let’s take a look at what it means to you as our candidate and potential member of our team and how to ace your interview at Beat!

From the first conversation with one of our Talent Acquisition team members to the last team interviews with your potential stakeholders at Beat, we will prepare a set of questions to encourage you to share some of the experiences you had in the past and share with us why and how you worked on that specific task.

We need to understand if our values’ behaviors are something you find important as well, so make sure you let us know how you incorporate them into your decision making. We may ask you questions like:

Be the customer | Beat Value
“Could you talk about a time you had to change a process to meet customer expectations?”

“Do you remember a time you had to compromise in order to satisfy a customer’s needs?”

Own it and get it done | Beat value

“Is there a time when you went above and beyond your job requirements?”
“What motivated you to make that extra effort?”

Challenge often commit always | Beat Value
“Could you elaborate on an example where you disagreed with a decision and explain how you dealt with that?”

“What criteria do you use while making  a decision?”

Solve local build bigger | Beat Value

“Do you remember a time when you needed to come up with a solution to a complex problem?”
“What was your strategy to approach and tackle this problem?”


Do more with less | Beat Value

“Could you highlight a time when you made a process more efficient?”
“Give an example of a time you had to identify opportunities to optimize the use of your resources.”

Embrace and seek change | Beat Value
“What is the last constructive feedback you received? What did you do with it?”

“How do you stay up to date in your field?”


Put us above I | Beat Value

“Which are the major challenges you’ve experienced as a team member in the past?”
“Could you describe a time when you significantly contributed to improving collaboration within your team?”

When questions like these come up, make sure to introduce us to the case:
– What was the current situation when you took over?
– What was the issue or conflict?
– What needed to be done?

Then, explain how you dealt with the case:
– What did you take into consideration?
– Who you worked with and why?
– What did you want to achieve?

Finally, we would like you to share:
– What were the results of your efforts?
– How did you measure the success of the actions you’ve taken?

As you can see, we are looking for evidence of the behaviours we value the most at Beat. Beat behaviours are as important as the hard craft we bring to the table, so we encourage you to think not only about the achievements you are proud of but also how you managed to make them happen!

After your interviews are done, we review all information captured during the hiring process with all interviewers involved. We say “we” because we take into account a number of perspectives to come to a decision. If we decide that you’re the best candidate for the role, your hiring manager will reach out to you with an offer! Sounds good?

Put on your hat and enjoy the ride!

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