Unveiling Beat Zero in Mexico: tranquil, safe and reliable

Beat, the ride-hailing app that is committed to unlock the true potential of cities and people’s lives, reducing friction in the transportation infrastructure of Latin America, introduces Beat Zero, a new innovative service with a private fleet of fully electric cars, operated by hired drivers, to ensure an amazing transportation experience from pick up to drop off.

Beat Zero service in the streets of Mexico City.
Beat Zero service in the streets of Mexico City.

Starting with Mexico, with Beat Zero service, the company takes an extra step into keeping offering to  passengers more reliable alternatives at affordable prices, to navigate through their everyday mobility needs. Thanks to exclusive drivers, professionally trained and ready to offer a service of higher standards, passengers can relax and enjoy the ride.

Beat takes over CDMX with Beat Zero service. Watch the video: 

 Ride With Zero Worries

Safety is a core element for Beat Zero. Investing in excellence in operations, selecting, background checking, onboarding and training of the drivers is key to ensure a more reliable riding experience. Besides, with Beat Zero service passengers can ride in state of the art cars that are maintained on a daily basis while enjoying advanced vehicle safety features, like real-time 24/7 monitoring of every ride – utilising the cars’ cameras – for a stress-free riding experience. 

“At Beat we believe that technology should be built with the exclusive purpose to serve people’s need for safer and reliable mobility solutions, through unparalleled experiences inside the vehicles that carry them from A to B. By adding Beat Zero in our portfolio, we reaffirm our uncompromising commitment for the development of innovative mobility solutions for seamless experiences that our passengers deserve”, highlighted Alejandro Arbeláez, Regional General Manager – New Verticals at Beat.

Beat Zero service offers a tranquil riding experience.
Beat Zero service offers a tranquil riding experience.

Zero Emissions Electric Cars

Beat Zero is Beat’s most recent addition to its portfolio of sustainable services, providing communities with the environmental benefits of electric cars, and proving that sustainable solutions do not always come at a premium price. Deeply rooted by innovation, Beat’s new service will offer to all environmentally conscious passengers an affordable, eco-friendly option to move around the city with rides that generate zero carbon emissions.  

“Companies that are active in the mobility industry should collectively shape the urban experience in modern megacities, helping towards building a more liveable urban environment for all. Developing more affordable and sustainable mobility solutions can further help cities and people to unlock their true potential”, added Alejandro Arbeláez.  

A Ride Experience Like No Other

By riding with Beat Zero, passengers will also be able to enjoy various amenities to ride at their destination free of worries. From cell phone chargers and free wifi, to tailor made playlists that apply to the customer’s music preferences, passengers can experience the fun they crave while moving around the city. Besides, a ride with Beat Zero can not only be fun, but also allows passengers to make the most of their time while moving towards their destination. How? By answering emails or even joining a conference call, they can stay connected while they need it. Besides, as part of the benefits offered by the new service, is the option to schedule a ride in advance, with no advance commitment. If for any reason passengers need to cancel a pre-booked ride with Beat Zero, they will be able to do so without any cost. 

Check out the Beat Zero film introduced in Mexico:


Following a successful launch of the Beat Tesla service that was introduced in Mexico at the end of 2020, marking Latin America’s first and largest private all electric fleet in ride-hailing, Beat is now taking another radical step, expanding its private fleet. A well-rounded portfolio of innovative mobility solutions are here to connect people and places, all at the tap of a button. Download the Beat app from your iOs or Android device, request Beat Zero and ride with zero worries!

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