Can you find love in a ride?

At Beat we don’t just connect people from A to B. We believe in human connections, aiming to be part of everyone’s need to keep moving forward. It is our mission to help people unlock their cities and get together with the ones they care about. 

More than 22,000,000 people across the world rely on Beat to get them where they need to be, marking their own everyday stories. Similarly, more than 700,000 drivers help people to reach their destinations and connect with their beloved ones. Throughout the day, thousands of Beat rides might be the spark for new stories to be written on the road, might be the spark for stories of love!   

With the most romantic day of the year being around the corner, we turned our drivers – those who see love and life in various forms every day –  into storytellers of love and encouraged them to share beautiful passenger love stories. Each ride is a unique story to tell; an occasion of adorable, emotional, exciting or even amusing moments!  

Passengers find love in a Beat ride
Beat turned its drivers into storytellers of love!



“I have seen many couples in my Beat rides, but the most unforgettable moment took place last year. That day I remember that I got really scared at first! I was transferring a young couple to their destination when I heard the young woman from the backseat screaming. I turned back to see what happened. Her partner had given her an engagement ring! They were the best couple I ever saw in my car! May they stay together for their whole life!”


“It was approximately two years ago that a LGBT couple got into my car. They were foreigners. During the ride one of them asked the other one to marry him! They cried out of joy. That day taught me an important lesson; that love has no label. That love is the most powerful force and has no gender, race or religion.” 


“It was sometime ago that I drove a man to meet his girlfriend. I remember he was carrying flowers, a box of chocolates and an enormous teddy bear for her. When the journey ended I dropped him with a big smile.” 

Couple inside a car
At Beat we believe in human connections.



“Οnce a man booked my car to drive him to his partner. He would surprise her with a marriage proposal. I do remember that he was very well dressed, feeling really nervous and asking me for advice. He said that his girlfriend was the most beautiful woman he had ever met and that he would be the luckiest man in the world if she said yes! We generally watch such stories in movies. I never thought that these could happen in real life as well. While dropping him off, I wished him good luck.”


“Last year, on my Beat ride, a woman booked my car to bring some things to her daughter that was about to give birth; a crib, a blanket, a pillow with the name of the baby hand-embroidered, and some other things I don’t remember well. When we arrived, her daughter was already in labor and I had to take them both to El Carmen Hospital. I felt part of the family at that moment. I was as nervous and excited as they were!”


“It was more than once that I took the same elderly couple for a dinner date on a Sunday. They used to go to a tango place in Irarrázabal and get back home with Beat. They were the perfect example that romance never ends.”


“In May 2020, I had to take two mommies to give birth, obviously in different rides. I was trying to calm their husbands down because they were first-time parents. Who would have imagined that I could be a driver and a therapist at the same time!”


“I will never forget this ride. Some time ago I took a 50 years old man who was sitting in front, and in the back there was an elderly lady. They didn’t talk much, but you could tell the man was nervous. He asked me If I could pull over to pick up a friend of his. I had no problem, since it was on the way. He got out of the car, opened the back door and said: “Mom, look who just arrived in Chile: Humberto, my brother and your son”. They hadn’t seen each other for more than 55 years. Couldn’t believe my eyes! Two family members were reuniting in my car! It was a unique, emotional and beautiful moment that brought us all to tears.”

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