Empowering Innovation, Empowering Lima

Hand in hand with our cities. 

Committed to our mission, to build technology for a better urban life, earlier this year we joined forces with the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima, Peru, to organize a competition under the title “Making Lima Challenge 2020”. 

Identify – innovate – solve – repeat.

Making Lima challenge is a competition inviting students to identify problems in the city of Lima and develop innovative technology solutions to address them. The challenge aims to improve the urban landscape and provide a better quality of life and well-being to the local communities through solutions that are scalable, replicable and feasible to develop and implement in medium-term.

The UTEC Students were asked to present comprehensive, multidisciplinary and sustainable solutions for one of the below challenges the Lima citizens face on their everyday life:

Infrastructure. Identify and solve infrastructure problems to prevent accidents, including optimization tools to allow citizens make timely day to day decisions.
Basic Services. Bring basic services to areas with limited access, including access to drinking water, electricity, drainage, public lighting or security
City Pollution. Identify, prevent or reduce city pollution by generating awareness and action on the different types of city pollution. These include environmental, sound, visual or ultraviolet.
COVID-19. Identify solutions to confront COVID-19 in the city of Lima.

“More than 70 teams shared innovative ideas to make Lima a better place to live. 

The competition and evaluation process lasted 6 weeks and included various phases to get in a short list of six teams who made it to the finals. A judging committee accessed each innovation idea on the criteria of originality, feasibility, functionality, sustainability and presentation. 

Mist: A mechanism to a brighter future.

The winning project is Marani, presented by a group of four students in the fifth and sixth circle of their studies. 

The winning team of Making Lima Challenge 2020, powered by UTEC and Beat.

will guarantee water access to families living in vulnerable areas of Lima where lack of water is proved to be a major hygiene issue. Through a mist collection and filtration system which takes advantage of the climatic conditions, Marani will be able to generate a minimum of 65 liters of water per day, covering the needs of a five-member family.

“More than 550 Lima citizens will gain access to drinking water during the first phase of the winning initiative.

Beat provided an award of 30,000 peruvian soles to the winning team to develop and bring its project into life to help the city of Lima. Each team member also received a full scholarship at UTEC, a laptop and coupons to ride with Beat for one year. 

The winner of the second place, Comando Coby, presented the development of a disinfection system for UV-C radiation, adaptable to different closed environments assisting in the fight against various types of viruses, including COVID-19. The team, consisting of students in the eighth, ninth, and tenth cycle of their studies, was rewarded with laptops and Beat vouchers for one year.

Making Lima Challenge aims to prove that group effort and innovative thinking can drive change towards a better futureStay tuned to watch the progress of the winning initiative.

Congratulations to all the participating teams!