Mobility Trends 2021: Beat is riding that wave

If we were asked to describe 2020 in a few words, “the year of change” would be the perfect summary for a year that made us all come up against unprecedented situations. Starting the new year full of hope, we cannot help but wonder which are the new trends that will drive mobility, how corona pandemic affects our mobility behavior and where mobility trends meet other trends like healthy lifestyle and urbanization. 

According to the ZukunftsInstitut and the Mobility Report 2021, the corona crisis hit the mobility industry and a new era begins: The Corona Mobility Shift. Taking a closer look at the ride hailing post covid trends, a megatrend emerging is mobility seekers, moving away from simple movement to mobility experience. Mobility seekers do not need their own car, but instead are determined to make the most out of the mobility solutions offered to them being hyper focused on the experience offered. Beat Tesla, launched in Mexico City in October 2020, is probably the best reply to that trend. The first and largest private fleet of all electric Tesla cars in Latin America, offering a premium full-on tech transportation solution. A premium service that upgrades riders’ journey ensuring excellent customer experience with Beat investing in operations, selecting, background checking and training of its drivers. 

In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. If 2020 taught us anything that was it. Delivery of goods and groceries has been put in a new light by the corona crisis changing fundamentally the shopping and delivery experience, opening the door to a new mobility trend for ride hailing companies jumping into that wave. Ride hailing companies expanded their scope of business, adding parcel delivery services. Beat, committed to improving urban landscape, launched Beat Envio and Beat Envio Moto in April 2020 in 20 Latin American cities in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina providing local communities with an affordable courier option. The service also supports all small and medium local companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies to deliver their products to their customers. According to our data, more than 1 million packages were sent the first months of Beat Envio and more than 70% of people aim to keep on using it to send goods and parcels to loved ones, even after the end of quarantine in Latin America validating in that way that this trend has come to stay.

Healthy mobility is the new emerging trend that the corona crisis revealed. The pandemic opened the spectrum of what a world with little traffic and clean air could feel like. The crisis opened up a great opportunity, the need of a new healthier mobility. 2021 seems to be the year that Electric mobility goes mainstream with numbers of EV cars being sold in 2020 increased by 45% year on year and intention of people using any kind of electric mobility solution increased by 35% according to Deloitte. Beat Tesla is the new way of moving around, an all electric fleet making each one of the passengers in Mexico city responsible for making the city a little cleaner. Each one of the riders turns into an #ecoheroe, being able to reduce 94661 g/Km CO2 emissions up until the end of 2020. 

A mobility trend that was kept quiet during the previous year is Corporate Mobility. It is expected to rise and shine within 2021 and It aims to replace traditional car leasing. Actually we will see it unfolding in two ways. Corporate Mobility Solutions and Corporate Car sharing. The first being applicable to companies wanting to make sure that their employees arrive safe and sound at the office Covid-free, eliminating the use of public transportation and the second replacing the traditional corporate leasing. One step ahead from what turned out to be an emerging trend, Beat kicked off at Bogota, Colombia in April 2020 and Argentina, Beat Corporate (Beat Prepago)  as a service. Committed to supporting local communities Beat enables companies that care to ensure safe business related rides for their employees either with requesting simultaneous rides with the same corporate passenger account or via individual corporate accounts. 

Last but not least, a quite interesting and game changing trend is the merger between traditional taxi companies and ride hailing companies. Taxi companies have realised the importance of transportation network companies with the inception of mobility as a service. The concept of MaaS is innovative, exciting and a sure leap towards redefining mobility. Just before the most challenging year comes to an end, during November 2020, Beat took a step towards that merger by incorporating taxi drivers to its platform in Argentina and in Chile. An early step towards a trend that seems to be the future. One of the main objectives of this initiative is to support taxi drivers that their income was impacted tremendously by low demand. Numbers speak louder than words with taxi drivers opting to Beat platform generating in November alone, more than 100.000 euros.

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