Amazing transportation experiences start from powerful motherhood stories

Beat is more than an app that takes you from A to B. Envisioning to make every city a better place to live, a sense of community is what drives Beat forward. Committed to help cities and people to evolve, Beat persists in offering affordable, efficient and safe transportation solutions to all, while providing economic opportunities to thousands of people who wish to earn income as drivers. 

Since Beat was founded, millions of drivers have turned to the platform for earning opportunities, seeking reliable and flexible ways to supplement their income. Specifically in Latin America, more than 700,000 drivers choose Beat as a trusted partner to earn income by driving with the platform, a number that is growing fast on a monthly basis.

Still, Beat wouldn’t be where it is today without its female drivers.  Committed to promote equal opportunities for all, Beat encourages all women who wish to make a living by driving, to join its drivers’ community, get to know the benefits of driving with the platform, and open the doors to the stable working life they always wanted. As of today, more than 69,000 women drive with Beat, playing their part in shaping the future of mobility in Latin America. Although there is still much work to be done, women are gaining ground.

A woman and Beat driver is looking back and smiles.
Many female drivers choose Beat to provide their family with supplemental income.

One of the most common reasons that female drivers choose to drive with Beat is for the flexibility that it offers them. Especially for working mothers this flexibility is invaluable. Heidy is a proud mom and Beat driver in Bogota, Colombia. When asked how it feels to be a mother and driving with Beat, she highlights, “I am proud to be a mother, I know I have many goals to tackle, but Beat has offered  me the opportunity to accomplish those goals, mainly and foremost to provide for my daughter helping her to continue with her studies”. Balancing family with work is not an easy task. “My disabled son has a rare illness and having a pre-fixed work schedule didn’t allow me to be by his side any time he needed me. Beat offered me the opportunity to control my schedule,” highlights Laura Alicia, Beat driver in CDMX, Mexico.  

Equal opportunities is what Beat stands for. Many female drivers choose Beat to provide their family with supplemental income. These additional earnings allow them to go the extra mile for their kids. More and more female drivers at Beat have managed to achieve their goals by generating extra income through the platform. Liliana, who is Beat driver in Lima, Peru, is a great example of a working mother that has successfully managed to pay off her son’s student loan. 

A Beat driver and mother is smiling
More and more women register with the platform to drive with Beat, playing their part in shaping the future of mobility in Latin America.

Heidy, based in Bogota, managed to buy her own house, thanks to Beat. Likewise, Diana who is based also in Bogota, Colombia, points out that Beat has offered her a flexible schedule, earning extra income on her own time, without taking time away from her son. Driving with the platform enabled her to buy her own car, while successfully coping with her debts. “I am grateful for that,” she adds. Nancy, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, feels proud being a mother while driving with Beat, earning money while balancing work and family. 

With the view to empower more women to join the platform, paving the way towards a more fair share among drivers’ communities, Beat encouraged its female drivers to share an advice to all those women who would like to drive with Beat. Liliana from Lima, Peru advises “Dare, don’t be afraid, break the stereotype that driving is only for men. In fact, passengers feel even more safer when a woman drives”. Nathaly, based in Santiago, Chile, says “Be confident. We can accomplish every goal we set for ourselves”. Likewise, as Ana Carolina from Lima, Peru said, “Trust your intuition. Live aside those taboos that we are women and we cannot. This is just a cliché. Focus on what it is that you want to do. People will be inspired, they will congratulate you for driving, as they congratulate me”.

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