If You Want To Achieve Something, Move It!

At Beat, we believe in the transformational idea of movement. This idea plays out in Beat’s first-ever global campaign and film, Move It, created by DAVID Buenos Aires and directed by Martin Romanella.   

Exploring the power of movement, Beat proposes a new definition of achieving your goals. All you have to do is to take the first step, then move it! The iconic “I Like to Move It” is leveraged in a playful way to be made synonymous with the idea of transformation, validating Beat’s identity throughout the film.  

The opening shots show a collective of individuals jumping out of their beds full of ambitions, ready to conquer the day. Gradually, the song  “I Like to Move It” plays in the background and the characters begin their days, opening the Beat app and hailing a ride. The characters continue to “move it”, taking Beat rides throughout the day, to the gym, work, festivals, airport and into the night. Any new beginning, decision, improvement or change depends on them, while, from start to finish, Beat inspires their actions, to move forward and get things done.

Watch Beat’s Move It film:

Move It is a testament that actions are what turn ideas into experiences, and shape the reality we live in. Beat’s new film is exactly all about that. If you want to achieve something, you better move it. You shape the world you live in. Beat is here to give you this very inspiration and help you move around.

Beat is the moving force