New transportation solutions with Beat Luxi and Beat Lite


At Beat we want everyone to be able to enjoy the ride, providing people with the best mobility options to move around their cities. Beyond fast, safe, convenient and affordable transportation is key to us, taking passengers’ experience in the next level. Recognising people’s need to move efficiently around their cities, we have extended our service tiers to provide tailor-made mobility solutions for every citizen.       


Beat Luxi is Beat's new premium transportation option featuring high-end cars. Short waiting time and increased comfort are key elements of the new service
Beat Luxi is Beat’s new premium transportation option featuring high quality cars to arrive to your destination in style.

Beat Luxi is the new, premium category of Beat ride-hailing app, which features high-end cars, ready to offer passengers who seek a first-class transportation service, the best available option, at the tap of a button! Short waiting time and increased comfort are key elements for Beat Luxi.   

The new premium service has been designed for passengers who wish to arrive to their destination in style, enjoying the comfort of spacious, carefully selected high quality cars. This remarkably convenient option will be a no-brainer if you want to elevate a special date with a beloved one, your business meetings or just your night-out with your friends!

“At Beat we want to offer everyone a ride that suits their needs. Focusing solely on Latin America region, we invest in understanding local culture and local drivers’ and passengers’ needs like no other. As the markets continue to evolve, so does the need to serve more ride types. Expanding our service tiers will enable us to better address markets’ needs. With Beat Luxi we aim to serve the higher end of the market, through great customer treatment and a very competitive waiting time”, highlights Sanja Ilic, COO at Beat.


Beat Lite is a low-cost service designed to provide affordable transportation at a lower price, with older car models.
Beat Lite is Beat’s new low-cost service that provides transportation at a lower price, with older car models.

Get to know Beat Lite! Because at Beat, we believe that anyone should be able to get a ride, addressing the need of providing affordable transportation options and enhancing the transportation market within the cities that we operate in.

Beat Lite is an even lower-cost service tier that we designed to provide everyone with the most affordable option to move around their cities, without having to share their rides with other, random users. The main difference between the new low-cost service and Beat standard service is transportation at a lower price, with older car models, while ensuring the best of the quality as in Beat standard service.

Beat Luxi is now available in Santiago (Chile), while Beat Lite has been released in Lima (Peru) and Bogota (Colombia), with more cities to be announced soon!


Beat is growing fast, expanding its team worldwide! If you want to be part of the future of urban mobility, take a look at our careers page to check all the available job openings.