1 Year Tour Into the Beat Amsterdam Hub

August 2019: Beat celebrates its first hiring in Amsterdam, marking the beginning of another great chapter in its growth trajectory.

Fast forward to August 2020: The Beat Amsterdam Hub has turned into an ever growing hive of diverse global talent, counting up members who bond over their passion for excellence and innovation.

Here is the recap of this first-year chapter:

Where Beat stands

At Beat, we are committed to forging a new path in urban mobility. We aspire to make cities a better place to live, re-imagining mobility solutions that are more efficient and user-friendly. Our technology is how we make this happen, and the Beat Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub in Amsterdam plays a primary role in turning our vision into reality. 

Today, Beat is the fastest-growing ride-hailing service in Latin America, serving millions of rides every day. Our stellar engineering team operates from every corner of the world, and some of the world’s most ambitious and talented software engineers are changing how cities will move in the future.

Hallo Amsterdam!

In the summer of 2019, we expanded our global engineering presence and inaugurated our first Engineering Hub outside Greece. Our Amsterdam hub was designed as a world-class tech hub to invest heavily in the development of advanced technologies, aiming to resolve the problems of urban transportation in megacities. Along with our HQs in Athens and our remote team members, they constitute the heart of the company’s product development, research and innovation.

“Our Amsterdam Hub was born as Beat’s next step in becoming a truly international player in terms of engineering.

Why Amsterdam

Extending our reach to the top talent in the most crucial and relevant engineering crafts was one of the main criteria in deciding on where the first Beat Engineering Hub outside Greece should be.

The city of Amsterdam ticked all our boxes:
Being one of the most vibrant and beautiful European capitals with an international mindset and English speaking society
Attracting talents from every part of the world
Having a large and dynamic tech community that is up-to-date with the modern trends in technology

The Beat Amsterdam Engineering Hub is currently located in Fabric, a high-end office space in the heart of Amsterdam.

A unique team

Beat’s ride in Amsterdam began in August 2019. The Amsterdam team consists of highly talented professionals across a spectrum of skill sets, ranging from Machine Learning, Big Data, Backend and Test Automation Engineers to Product Owners, Fraud Analysts, Growth, Operations and PeopleOps Specialists. Our Interim CEO and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Paul Onnen, is also located in our Amsterdam offices leading our world-class engineers across the globe to build a great product. 

Right now the Beat Hub is counting more than 60 employees of 25 different nationalities.

The first members of the Beat Amsterdam Team visited Athens for their induction.
The first members of the Amsterdam Team visited Athens for their induction – September 2019

Being part of the team means enjoying autonomy in your work while pursuing a common purpose. We are a team committed to innovation and the advances technology offers. For all the interesting and challenging problems to be solved, our teams fully own and drive all product and technological aspects of the solutions.

Engineering at its greatest

Ride-hailing is a challenging industry at the edge of innovation. The unique Beat engineering culture and foundations ensure organizational scalability and engineering agility. Being scalable means that the processes and tech foundations we have established don’t hinder our ability to handle the ever-increasing product adoption and the engineering team growth. 

“Εngineering agility is all about ensuring that every member of the team feels productive and is capable of having a high positive impact on our product and customers. 

Our secret sauce consists of various aspects of the technical excellence we deliver through our features. This allows us to achieve more with less friction along the way:

‣  Pragmatic use of services for a loosely coupled architecture, to relieve cross-team contention and ensure productivity
Fully automated continuous delivery, to spend time on delivering the core value, instead of how to deploy the changes to all the environments
  Product mission-oriented teams with the focus on E2E delivery, productionization and short iterations; all ensuring that there is strong ownership across all stages, and quick feedback loop
‣  Heavy use of various automations, cloud-based programmable infrastructure and shared managed services, to make sure that scaling our solutions does not require scaling the teams working on them  

Our cross-functional Product and Engineering teams work on some of the core parts of the Beat platform, such as dynamic pricing, fraud detection, identity and safety, core infrastructure foundations, and more. Solving many of these high impact use-cases requires a strong focus on building large-scale distributed systems for making real-time data-driven decisions.

Over the last 12 months, our teams have shipped important products in the areas of Pricing and Fraud prevention, marking important milestones in the history of Beat Engineering. We now want to further expand our expertise in crucial crafts, including Machine Learning, Big Data, Backend (with strong focus on building distributed, event-driven systems), Infrastructure, Frontend and Mobile. It can’t be a better time to join us!

Contributing to the tech community 

We are a company that supports continuous learning and knowledge sharing. We love giving back to the tech community, this is why since our first days in Amsterdam, we have been busy participating and organizing technology meetups and conferences.

‣ Golang for scalable and resilient backend systems:

Golang is at the heart of our backend services, and our “go-to” language builds large, scalable, performant and resilient distributed systems and services.

We enjoyed being part of GOTO Amsterdam 2019 conference, and a number of local meetups organised by the Golang Amsterdam community. During these, members of our Backend Engineering team presented and discussed best practices, lessons learned and our Golang-dominated backend tools and services landscape. Among them, some of our open source projects, including:

[_patron_] – General-purpose framework for building microservices in Go
[_ergo_] – Toolkit for automating release workflows called
[_gomodctl_] – CLI tool simplifying work with Go modules
[_harvester_] – Dynamic app configuration library

These tools are powering some of the most critical parts of our platform, and we hope that they will be useful to the backend community.

‣ Powered by Machine learning and Data Science:

During the World AI Summit and PyData Eindhoven our colleagues talked about our vision for the future of urban mobility powered by data-driven products. Working on Machine Learning at Beat, means working on high impact use cases with a strong focus on systems for making real-time decisions. We have a product engineering mindset, working in cross-functional teams to translate product features into predictive modeling and machine learning problems.

Join the Beat ride

We currently have numerous job openings across our operating cities or remote, including various software developer & product roles. Check out our open positions or Watch this video to discover who should apply for an Engineering job in Beat’s Amsterdam Engineering Hub.



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