Our top priority explained… Your safety!

During the last decade so many things have changed, new needs emerged and with those new technologies. Ride hailing apps made their big entrance at the beginning of 2009 and ever since they are gaining more and more trust amongst daily commuters. Who can think of running daily errands nowadays solely by using public transportation or having to deal with parking during rush hours without having the option to hail a car? Ride hailing services have become during the last decade an integral part of our daily lives mainly due to the level of convenience and speed they brought to our rides around megacities from A to B. According to statista.com, the majority of ride hailing passengers globally (33%) feel somewhat safe everytime they use a ride hailing service for their transportation or somewhat unsafe (13%). Reading between the lines, it is obvious that people use ride hailing services but they are not convinced of their safety as they appear to be when using other forms of transportation like public transport. Here comes Beat!  

Safety of both passengers and drivers is of utmost importance to us, working around the clock in order to build the technology and the necessary features so as to offer carefree rides. We are committed to being always a step ahead on safety developments, focusing on the development of new features and high level mechanisms. Find them all below in one place explained! Safety is at the core of everything we do.  

Safety Features for Drivers

Beat offers tremendous economic opportunities to enormous amounts of people who use their own resources, their time and their cars, to provide rides through our platform. Our drivers community is very important for us and we are committed to offer top-notch technology features in order to make them feel at ease on every single trip.

Passenger Badge

Knowing as much information as possible for the passenger is essential and ensures greater peace of mind when accepting each ride. That is why we created Passenger Category, a new safety function through which drivers will be able to see the category and rating of each passenger. Each passenger will have a badge that can be Gold, Silver or Bronze. This will depend on the method of verification of their account, number of rides made and other relevant attributes. The more information we have about the passenger, the higher the category.

Rate your passenger

When a driver receives a ride request, will be able to see a percentage based on the ratings that each driver has given the passenger on their previous trips. You should simply press the thumbs up or down, depending on how you want to rate your passenger at the end of each trip. Worth mentioning that passengers with negative ratings will be blocked from the app.

Passenger filter

Whenever a new passenger joins Beat or alerts the Passenger Filter for suspicious behavior such as canceling many rides in a row or being in unsafe locations, they must verify their identity with a credit card or by connecting their account with Facebook before they can request the ride. This means all the prospective passengers you see have already been verified by Beat.


You can’t see SmartBlock in the driver app interface, but rest assured that it’s always working in the background, making each ride safe. It’s a sophisticated system we developed which processes all rides in real time and blocks those that appear suspicious or unsafe. Smartblock automatically reviews several factors such as zone, schedule, passenger type and more before blocking a request. This way, drivers can be sure all suggested rides have already been checked by Beat.

Know your destination

What a better way of feeling safe but having the ability of knowing the passenger’s destination before beginning a ride. This means that the driver can pick the rides one wants, based on the destination.

Emergency Button

Sometimes, one may need a helping hand. With Beat, there’s no need to worry. The driver just needs to press the Emergency Button to communicate immediately with Prosegur, Beat’s safety partner. Within seconds, a specialised agent will talk to the driver  over the phone and if necessary Beat will send a Prosegur motorized patrol to the location to support and accompany the driver during the emergency.

Real-time monitoring

With Beat, none is ever on their own. We take care of the drivers 24/7, by monitoring all rides in real time. This way, we can help out in case of an emergency.

24/7 support

Be it day or night, with Beat all drivers have  a support team ready to help in any way we can. There are different ways of getting in touch with us, depending on what suits the driver’s needs. 

Get in touch with us via:

-the Help menu in the app

– the Beat Experience Center (click on the WhatsApp icon)

– our Social media accounts

Safety Features for passengers

It is our top priority to make our users feel secure and comfortable with every ride they take with us. Beat invests in technology in order to ensure excellent customer experience. At the backbone of everything we do is customer satisfaction and safety is one of the main concerns that should be tackled and addressed. See how…

Emergency Button

It’s good to plan even for the unexpected. So, if one of our passengers needs help during their ride, they can just press the Emergency Button and they will have the ability to talk directly with one of our agents. Within seconds the case will be evaluated via telephone and, if necessary, we’ll send a motorised patrol to the location to help in this situation.

Block a driver

In the unlikely event of an unpleasant experience with a driver, the passenger has the ability to block them from serving them again. They just need to double click on the 1 star when they rate them and just like that they are blocked for all future rides. Passengers should keep in mind that by rating each and every riding experience they help us provide better features and services customized to their needs. 

Driver Filter

Let’s clarify that once and for all! No driver can register at Beat before we first verify their ID and criminal record, during the registration process.

Know your driver

Is there a better way to feel at ease than knowing as much as possible about your driver beforehand? Once the ride is confirmed, the passenger will be able to access all the information they need to know about the driver. This includes the name, car model, colour and plate number so that they can validate the data before getting in the car and travel with peace of mind.

Share your ride

Share the ride in real time and feel safe! Passengers can send the link through Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or email. The person who receives it will be able to see the status of the ride, the estimated time of arrival and information about the driver. 

Real-time monitoring

With Beat, the passengers are never on their own. We take care of our passengers 24/7 by monitoring all rides in real time.

Rate your driver

Every passenger can help make mobility even safer for everyone simply by rating the driver after every ride. This is very important so that future passengers can have more information when traveling. When a driver has a rating lower than 4.2, they are permanently blocked from driving for Beat.

24/7 support

Be it day or night, with Beat all passengers have a support team ready to help in any way they can. There are different ways of getting in touch with us, depending on one’s needs. 

Get in touch with us via:

– Help menu in the app

– Beat Experience Center (click on the WhatsApp icon)

– Beat’s social media accounts