Beat is launching Passengers’ Badge Rating System enriching its safety Toolkit

Latin America’s fastest-growing ride-hailing app focuses on building a trustworthy and reliable platform helping to keep the driver and rider experience carefree. 

Beat, the fastest growing ride-hailing app in Latin America, is announcing the launch of the Passengers’ Badge Rating System, a new in-app feature enabling drivers to know more about the passengers on each ride request and allowing them to choose better whether they will accept a ride or not.   

With the launch of the new feature, drivers are more encouraged to rate each and every ride, doing their part into building a reliable and pleasant riding experience for all parties. The ratings are averaged out and every passenger would be assigned to a category, bronze, silver or gold based on various assessment filters including passengers’ verification method, number of completed rides and account tenure. Drivers’ ratings are usually based on their experience of how the trip went, and main criteria for them includes respectfulness, politeness and tidiness demonstrated by the passenger. Worth mentioning that when a driver doesn’t select a rating for a passenger, Beat will not compute it automatically. 

Having good ratings as a passenger can affect how quickly the requested ride can be accepted, no matter the starting point or the time of the day, since drivers can see passengers’ ratings before accepting a ride.  At Beat we believe that ratings should be a two-way street and that the riding experience should be positive for both passengers and drivers involved. Every piece of our technology is built, always having our communities’ safety in mind. The new rating system is designed to be an important measure of quality on the Beat platform, helping make every trip a stress-free experience for both parties involved.

Beat ride hailing app, drivers' app screen, passengers' badge feature
Checking a Beat passenger rating is as easy as opening up the receipt email after a ride with Beat is completed.

The new passengers’ badge rating system is two-fold, while it allows drivers to feel safe and stress-free before accepting a ride, it also encourages them to provide an exceptional transportation service through a mutually respectful and positive experience that lies on the values of a trustworthy, safe and transparent community.

Our mission is to improve urban life for the better, making sure that each ride is a pleasant experience not only for the passengers, but for the drivers too,” said Dimitris Papageorgiou, VP of Product at Beat.Both drivers’ and passengers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we are implementing this new feature. We aim to build a safe journey for everyone, offering a carefree and highly reliable transportation experience, by launching this feature that eliminates biased rejections no matter what the starting point of the ride is or the time of the day. Our goal is to keep on presenting many more initiatives that focus more on prevention through technology, rather than reaction to safety-related events”, he concluded. 

With the new rating system, Beat continues to build safety into customer experience by holding both drivers and passengers accountable for their behavior on a ride and offers both sides the opportunity to have a better idea of what the person they are riding with is like.