Pride is more than a word for Beat

One beautiful thing about living or working with people is understanding them. At Beat, we believe that every individual should be supported in any way possible to fulfill their lifestyles and curiosity for learning. We encourage all our employees to bring their real self at work and contribute to an inclusive  culture through their daily interactions. 

At Beat is our priority to cultivate a culture of equality, a healthy and inspiring environment for every individual to evolve. That’s why we constantly create awareness through workshops and discussions on diversity, as well as through our internal Employee Resource Groups (ERG), with the view to embrace differences, give voice to people who are underrepresented, and ultimately create a more respectful, inclusive culture, so as to address biases and prejudices within the workplace. 

On the occasion of May 17th, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, Beat invited all its employees to reflect on what it means for an LGBTQ+ professional to come out of the closet in the workplace, and why having allies to the LGBTQ+ community is vital in every organization. In alliance with the Chamber of Commerce LGBTIQ Argentina, we organized a workshop themed “Coming Out in the Workplace: Why Allies Play a Key Role” , where we had the opportunity to listen to real, authentic stories and experiences that foster a culture of inclusion and underline the importance of gender identity, as part of the essence of each one of us.

Pablo DeLuca, and Gustavo Noguera who represent the Argentinian LGBTQ+ association, work side by side with Beat since 2021, supporting our initiatives around diversity and inclusion within Beat organization. “We should seek to understand the people we work with and explore who they are. We need to value diversity in skills because everyone is unique,” marked Delfina Daglio, Human Resources professional leading the Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for Latin America at IBM

Attendees got inspired by our guest speakers coming from various sectors, in a meaningful discussion around the role of LGBTQ+ allies in the workplace:
“When I see pronouns on social media accounts and company’s accounts of my colleagues, I think that they are LGBTQ+ allies and this fact makes me feel safer,” highlighted Ornella De Lucca, Leader of Talent and People Management in Cliodynamics, in Chile, and member of the LGBTQ+ community. “When the leadership team accepted me as I am, I immediately felt that I was in the right company,” underlined Rodrigo Espinoza Chehade, HR Manager at Kyndryl, member of the LGBTQ+ community and passionate about building an inclusive world.

Why is it important to hold workshops and activities dedicated to Diversity, Equality  and Inclusion?

Nowadays, we see great relevance in hosting such workshops as in an investigation that Nodos Consultora carried out in Latin America in 2020 related to harassment and discrimination in the workplace, 38% of those who participated stated that they had experienced harassment, violence and/or discrimination in the workplace due to their gender identity. Someone can say that companies that understand how to best work on inclusion are the ones that stand out. Diversity is healthy for business, positive for society and the communities where we operate, and is also a constant work that must be done within companies at all levels of their activity. 

At Beat, we strive to cultivate a strong culture free of subtle or unconscious bias as a fundamental step towards an inclusive work environment. We don’t see genders. We see talented individuals that crave to learn, evolve and offer back to the community by building technology for a better urban life and a better tomorrow. Numbers speak louder than words, if someone zooms in our unique culture:

Based on the results of our most recent Engagement survey, in regards to Inclusion, we score with 91% favorability which is +11% above the benchmark within fast-growing tech companies! We are proud to see that we have been scoring high since we started measuring how inclusive our culture is. It seems that our Beat employees literally bring their authentic self at work and value diversity in the company.

But what do our employees have to say about the matter?

“I really feel accepted and included in the Beat team.” 

“​​I believe that in Beat there is no judgement around sexual orientation and personal identity.”

“Inclusion is one of the things I love the most about our culture!”

Team Beat is an ever growing family. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives, coming from people with different backgrounds and cultures. That’s why we reinforce the belief that all people should feel respected and safe  to express anything without being judged. Diversity fuels the spirit and innovation at Beat. Our commitment to inclusion without regard for race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, age, religion, LGBTQ+ and experience drives us forward everyday. Are you curious to explore more about Beat culture? We’ve got you:

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