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What is a great workplace for you? At Beat, we consider it as a dream team in pursuit of ambitious common goals. This is where we learn the most, perform our best, improve the fastest and we have the most fun! 

One of the joys of being part of the Beat Team is its diversity, from the number of nationalities, to each individual’s outstanding impact in the organisation. It’s our goal to maintain a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the cities we operate, where the authenticity is celebrated! This year Beat turns 10 and celebrates every single milestone achieved and all the people who put into efforts for Beat’s evolution and growth! Our people are our success story and our key differentiators. Beat started with 4 employees and an initial financing of 40,000 euros from Open Fund in Athens. In 2016, we broke the milestone of 100 employees, in 2019 we grew rapidly and became 500 and today Team Beat consists of more than 700 people working from Europe, Latin America and remotely from all over the world.

Beat gender balance and equalityAlmost half of us are women. The current makeup of our Beat Team has 41% of women building the technology for a better urban life with the 33% of them holding a manager position. Following our commitment to gender equality, we cultivate a culture of a healthy inspiring environment for each individual to evolve according to their own abilities and unique talent.

Beat values maternity and paternity journeyWe value parenthood as an important step in life for those who choose it thus, we globally offer 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paid paternity leave to all employees, regardless of the country they  live in. We truly support the variety of needs of our people, as we want them to improve their quality of life.

Beat supports lgbt+ community and pride worldwideWe strongly support the LGBT+ community since 2018 and always take the chance to celebrate diversity and stand our ground in such a delicate social matter. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives, coming from people with different backgrounds and cultures. As part of our dedication to the diversity of our workforce, Beat is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

Beat attracts talents from all around the world, no matter distance challengesWe are coming from 40 different countries but most of us live and work worldwide, in the heart of 7 beautiful countries! Our very first office opened in 2012 in Athens, our homeland. Today, we are building technology for a better urban life in Athens, Amsterdam, Lima, Bogota, Mexico City, Santiago and Buenos Aires. There, you will find our offices that have been designed with one thing in mind: To be as comfortable and accommodating to our work as possible. Our technology is how we make this happen, so our offices play a primary role in turning our vision into reality.

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Remote working is an always-on option for Beat

However, remote working is an always-on option for Beat and not a reactive solution! Our first remote employee was hired before it was cool, back in 2018! Today, our team consists of remote team members worldwide in Austria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, UK, Ukraine. Investing in remote working tools and processes is a key tool for our effective business continuity. In the shift to working from home, for Beat was just an “another ordinary Monday” as we were ready to work from any place from day one. Having all systems and ways of working up and running allowed us to immediately focus on the situation and concentrate our time and brains on solutions to support and protect the Beat ecosystem, while ensuring we were taking care of ourselves, our family and friends.

For Beat, mixed-age teams fuel innovation and are more productive.Our average age is 31. The youngest of the family is 20 and our wisest elder is 59. For Beat, mixed teams fuel innovation and are more productive. We are boosting productivity at the team level, likely because of “knowledge spillover” while team members share knowledge gained from past experiences, which in turn sparks new solutions to problems.

At beat we provide everybody the opportunity to grow and develop and a culture of continuous learning and developmentWe want to provide everybody the opportunity to grow and develop and a culture of continuous learning and development. Thus, in 2018, we launched the Personal Training Budget for Beat employees which can be used for anything that is not covered by our internal Beat Learning offerings. We are mutual learning from one another and developing solutions cross-functionally while educating ourselves. 

At Beat we have exchanged more than 20 million messages so far, since March 2020, when work from home has been established globally. We have exchanged more than 20 million messages so far, since March 2020, when work from home has been established globally. Slack is our place to build transparency, allowing us to interact easily and fast, while limiting to zero any kind of distance challenge. We strive to keep the team connected and create team spirit by holding brainstorm spaces and building on ideas we generated as a group cross functionally. We cherish our diversity and love to learn together during our daily interaction through meetings and catch ups with our team members all over the world! 

Our very first Beat employee in Latin America joined our team in May 2012 and was coming from Brazil.Our very first employee in Latin America joined our team in May 2012 and was coming from Brazil. We fundamentally believe in our ability to grow in South America, we are an app that focuses solely on the region of Latin America and invests in understanding local culture and local drivers’ and riders’ needs like no other. That being said, almost 60% of our team live and work in Latin America, keeps investigating the “local beat” and maintain a hyperlocal approach in everything we do, from product, to operations to marketing.

With the eyes fixed on our future communities, we are an ever-growing family building innovation. Cities are our home. We get inspired by the uniqueness of each urban landscape and their locals. By putting the right people, in the right positions, we are able to rally a group of extremely talented and diverse professionals who bond over Beat’s core values. We have built and maintain an enviable working environment that inspires our people to give their best for our customers and our cities, and make the most of their life at Beat.

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