Beat launches a new Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in Latin America

It’s happening! Entering the next chapter of Beat’s global expansion, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our third Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub. Reaffirming our uncompromising commitment for the development of innovative mobility solutions, the new Hub will be based in Latin America, located in Mexico City, a quickly developing engineering hotspot and global tech ecosystem.

Engineering at its best.

By offering a world-class Tech Innovation & Engineering Hub in the region, Beat invests heavily in the development of innovative projects, aiming to reduce friction in the transportation infrastructure of Latin America’s megacities. The LatAm Hub will join global efforts to ensure platform reliability and efficiency, offering more functionality to passengers, drivers and cities, resulting among others in stronger and faster deployment for new features in the Beat app.

“With Latin America becoming a new epicenter of tech innovation, we realized it was a smart move to create a Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in the region. Our Latin American Hub in Mexico City represents a critical expansion of our world-class technology talent and exceptional engineering presence globally”, said Thanassis Bantios, Chief Technology Officer at Beat. 

One Team, One Beat.

Beat plans to hire talented professionals across a spectrum of skill sets, ranging from Backend Developers, Frontend Developers to Product Managers, to be part of the company’s transportation revolution in Latin America. This expansion comes at an exciting time for engineers while Beat focuses on the continuous development of advanced technologies to be exported to the markets where the app is available, building, operating and continuously updating the vast infrastructure and backend systems that power Beat’s most innovative projects such as Beat Tesla and Beat Zero services. 

“We look forward to further growing our Beat team in the region.”

Building teams of talented professionals across the globe, Beat accelerates innovation for the development of revolutionary mobility solutions, impacting millions of people and cities. Interested in starting a career at Beat?

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