The perks of being a parent at Beat

Parents are inspiring. Between having children and handling work, they also manage to successfully hold high-powered roles in the team, raise families and grow personally. With only 24 hours in the day, how do they do it all?

Beat ParentsAt Beat, mums and dads represent about 18% of all our colleagues so we all are bound to have one in our team! We have more than 170 Beat kids and quite enough are ready to pop during the year! We truly value diversity in our people and appreciate the variety of needs they have. We spoke to the ones who work at the Beat team, raise children, maintain their homes and still find room for personal time and growth.

“While working at Beat, I just have the trust of my leaders. I’m able to stay with my children when I need it. Since day one, I felt confident of planning to have my second baby,” highlights Liliana Garcia, Driver Lead @Beat Mexico who is a mum of two. Liliana, we are so glad that your second baby came to the world already!

Beat ParentsAt Beat, we believe that contributing to raising awesome human beings who can become independent personalities, ready to conquer the world, without losing compassion and understanding for their fellow human beings is a gift! “I am quite proud when my daughter’s teacher comments on her ability to stand by her schoolmates, and understand the importance of being part of a broader group,” adds Andriani Ferti, Global Legal Director @Beat who has a 5 years old daughter and a 14 months old boy.

Beat Parents
Nya, being excited with the coding book that Beat offered her!

Parenthood is an important step in life. Studies have shown that having an adequate amount of time off with a new baby is important for the parents’ wellbeing and for the early development of the child. Though in different countries around the world, different amounts of maternity and paternity leave are offered by their governments, at Beat we’ve established a global minimum paid time off policy for parents, regardless of their location, to allow some more quality time with their newborns than what is locally required.

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We are proud that at Beat we globally offer at least 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paid paternity leave to our employees, regardless of the country they live in. 

Beat ParentsFor Cinthia Medina, Program Coordinator @Beat Peru, having this extra month of maternity leave that Beat offers to mums was an amazing surprise for her and her son. “Being a mom changes your whole home dynamic, so when I was thinking how I was going to be in my life with this huge responsibility, this benefit helped a lot since it gave me more time to be with my baby. This support did not end on maternity leave, it’s still on, since my manager is very flexible whenever I need time to handle baby duties during working hours.”

Beat ParentsSame for Isidro Quintero, CX Agent @Beat Mexico! “My Ten days off for paternity leave were very helpful since it gave me time to help my wife out around the house and take care of all the legal procedures that have to be done in Mexico when a newborn comes. I appreciate Beat for such a great benefit,” marks Isidro.

At Beat, we value team interactions both physically and remotely as part of who we are and will remain in the future. We give the opportunity to our employees to work remotely so they are able to reassure all the activities happening in and out of their home. Yes, there are parents at Beat who work full-time from home! Like Mina Ramazanli, Product Manager for Safety who is working remotely for Beat. “I decided to be a working-from-home parent because we want to stay in Azerbaijan with my family. I still have a nanny so that I can focus on work, but at the same time, I am grateful that I can step out of my room and play with my daughter whenever I want to or spend my lunch taking care of her,” she highlights. Mina, we are thrilled that your daughter takes it easy! 

Beat ParentsA whole community of parents is active at Beat! It’s called “Parents @Beat”, is voluntary, led by employees who are parents, and aims to support parents and contribute to an inclusive workplace. The group is actively listening, sharing resources, lobbying and organising events on relevant parenting topics. “I’ve only joined Beat a month ago. I’m so glad that I have met other parents through the group, since I was thinking of going to Athens for a while and was looking for daycare for my kid,” says Ruben van de Geer, Data Scientist @Beat.

During covid-19 times, when everyone was at home, Beat offered second-used Beat devices by giving them to parents that have kids in remote education. By receiving a device such as a Mac, PC or tablet, Beat made parents’ life a little bit easier, as well as being recycle-friendly. This initiative still has a great impact, as Ema, Milena, Joaquin, Joseph, Celes are still homeschooling through Beat devices. “Thanks to this initiative, Joaquin not only took his regular school classes but was also able to complete his programming classes. I am more than grateful that he is still taking other programming courses, thanks to Beat,” underlines Carmen Giovanna Passaro, Quality Assurance Front Office Supervisor @Beat Peru. “Beat facilitated a Mac computer for my 11 year kid who had homeschooling during the whole 2021. This initiative helped us to be able to work simultaneously since I only had one computer in my home. It also gave him confidence because he learned how to use the tool to send his homework, as well as using apps like Zoom and Whatsapp to join his classes and stay in touch with his teachers and classmates,” adds Violeta Chavez, Supply Operations Analyst @Beat Chile.

Beat gives laptops to Beat parents' kids for homeschooling

Being part of the “Parents @Beat” community is cool! Every two months we set up random coffee breaks so that we get together with another parent and talk about the beauty (and why not, the struggles!) of being a parent. We share our tips, experiences, vent, drink coffee and just enjoy! Also, the community takes care of each other, in case you are a new parent or you are coming back from parental leave by pairing you up with a buddy, an experienced parent, part of the community, who voluntarily will support you during your… parenting-onboarding process!

Beat Parents

And what about the advice from Beat parents to parents of the world who are thinking about joining Beat?

– Make the most out of the people’s benefits that Beat offers to parents.
– Talk to your manager about family-friendly work arrangements, such as working from home and flexible schedules.
– Take advantage of any additional parental policy that may apply in the country you stay.
– Join the “Parents @Beat” community to hear and exchange great tips from other Beat parents.
– When taking care of kids with a partner, spend quality time both with your kid(s) and partner too.
– Own your daily routine with your family and time management at work.

Beat workplace allows Lucila Marzik, Consumer Insights Specialist @Beat Argentina and mum of two kids, managing her work-life balance in the most efficient way.

Picking up his son from school, driving him to his after-school activities, and spending some dedicated time with his boys during the weekday is how Kanan Ravimov, Staff Engineer (SEIII), Experimentation @Beat takes advantage of Beat’s flexibility.

Breaking down what’s most important during the week, aka his family, is how Julio Caceres, Front Office Supervisor @Beat Mexico prioritizes his weekly work. 

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