Two years shaping the ride in Argentina!

We did it! This November marks two years since Beat landed in Buenos Aires, planting its seed in the 5th market in Latin America. With millions of rides, and thousands of economic opportunities created globally, we are impacting human lives. We are thrilled to complete more than 161 million kilometres traveled through our services, which is equivalent to 4 thousand rides around the world! Magnificent, right?

We take pride to move the Beat wheels forward! Since November 2021, we’ve been making transportation in the city more affordable, efficient and reliable, while providing economic opportunities to anyone. With accumulated earnings of millions of pesos among 129,000,000+ registered drivers since our launch in Buenos Aires, Beat Argentina has become part of people’s lives. With more than 2.2 million passengers registered to our app, we never stop elevating the customer experience to unprecedented levels! 

 Our portfolio of services in Argentina

At the peak of the pandemic crisis, in April 2020, Beat Argentina opened the door to a new mobility trend for the ride-hailing industry by launching Beat Envío and Beat Envío Moto: the opportunity to deliver essential goods around the cities we operate from one person or business to another, using Beat as a courier. The service also supports all small and medium local companies such as grocery stores and pharmacies to deliver their products to their customers. 

We truly care about people’s needs, we understand their everyday problems and we provide innovative solutions through our services. With a more optimistic 2021 and while people were returning to their daily routine, Beat stayed on, finding business opportunities, which resulted to the launch of new services & initiatives in Argentina:

Taking the opportunity of going back to school, the Beat app launched Beat Family, a way for family groups to charge credit to their desired accounts. Additionally, while people were returning to the office, Beat Corp. emerged responding to the need of employers to safely get their employees back to office. One of the latest additions to our portfolio of services was Beat GO, a service that lights up in the app in determined areas and times, to offer passengers a lower rates option, seeking to bring an economical solution for them as well as increasing the demand of rides for drivers.

Team Beat 

2 years anniversary of Beat Argentina

Today Team Beat consists of more than 700 people working from Europe, Latin America and remotely from all over the world. Τhe team in Buenos Aires is made up of 30 employees, 55% women, 60% millennials and 30% centennials who work in a hybrid mode between the Beat offices and remote. We take pride that the Employers for Youth (EFY) Argentina study selected Beat as one of the Best Companies for Young Professionals by obtaining 4th place in the ranking.

Celebrating its second anniversary, Beat Argentina reaffirms the path that has been built locally and keeps growing by accompanying its drivers and passengers in the country.

Join the Beat Team

Mobility on Earth & Sky

As part of the local anniversary initiatives, Beat organized the webinar “Mobility on Earth & Sky: Transformations and new trends”, in alliance with companies Flybondi, a local low-cost airline, and Ualabee, an app that connects passengers with their best transportation options applicable to where they want to go.

What do these companies have in common?

They complement each other! Through their discussion, Alexis Picón, Co-Founder & Director of Operations @Ualabee, provided an overview of user needs when evaluating their transportation needs and options. Patricia Jebsen, General Manager @Beat Argentina, highlighted the moment a user chooses to travel with Beat and what this choice means towards mobility industry, the passenger and the driver, while Mauricio Sana CEO of Flybondi, focused on the needs of users when flying and what means to be a low-cost airline in the market.

In its two years in Argentina, Beat, one of the fastest growing ride-hailing applications in Latin America, counts for more than 161 million kilometers traveled through its multiple services. On the other hand, Flybondi registered 3,574,660 passengers transported since it began flying in 2018 and Ualabee revealed that already more than 1,000,000 people use the app to move efficiently in the different cities where it is present.

Watch the webinar:

While Beat is transforming the ability to get around Argentina, it wouldn’t be possible to do so without people behind the scenes… On this blissful and charming day of Beat Argentina anniversary, may our drivers and our teams behind the scenes continue the journey of success with pride offering an excellent customer experience to all passengers for every single ride. Thank you for being part of the Beat ride!

Happy anniversary Beat Argentina!

Celebrate with us and enjoy the Beat ride by living the experience via both Android & iOS.

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