With heart-BEAT we “move” Education

Can you imagine the most powerful weapon which you can use to make a change in the world? If your answer is education, we are on the same page. If your answer was anything else, then keep on reading regardless. Think of yourself as a child, when your life was a piece of paper on which every person was leaving a mark, although you couldn’t realize exactly why this was happening. This picture may come to your mind when you think of Education: the fundamental human right and decisive tool for the development of people and societies.

In the 21st century, Education has become an integral part of human life – something as important as food, shelter, and clothes. Societies try to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Great efforts have been made around the globe and especially, Latin America has made progress in increasing the enrollment in pre-primary, primary and secondary education in the last decades. Even though there has been great work done, the majority of children in the region are still not receiving a high-quality and relevant education.

Things are progressing throughout Latin America although a lot of latin american countries still rank very low in the world in terms of the quality of education, as they show gaps in completion rates, especially at the secondary level.

Facts speak louder than words. According to the Ministry of Education in Peru:

In rural areas of Peru, only 13 out of every 100 students of 4th grade understands what you read.
In 2nd grade, in rural areas of Peru, only 3 out of 100 perform mathematical operations according to their grade.
In the Amazon, only 1 in 10 girls who start school finishes it.
Only 5% of public teachers in Latin America trust the Regional Direction of Education.

“14 million children and adolescents in Latin America are outside the education system.’’

In addition, especially during covid-19 period, children in Latin America have already lost on average four times more days of schooling compared to the rest of the world, as many countries have declared educational quarantine and over one-third of all countries in Latin America have yet to set a date for school reopening.

As today’s communities face an unprecedented set of challenges, we believe that technology combined with good partnerships has the potential to contribute for a better world for all.

But wait…We are not done!

Walking into 2021 and following our last year’s initiative Making Lima Challenge 2020, we want to make a movement for education -literally and metaphorically- by partnering with Enseña Perú: A non-profit organization that believes in the power of education and trusts in the potential of all Peruvians. Since 2009, Enseña Perú works daily inspired by its vision to ensure that by 2032, at least 8 out of 10 children and young people receive an education of excellence.

Together we want to do whatever is necessary to move education forward and contribute to the educational transformation.

We are keen to move Education in Peru to the next level. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Do you want to be part of the movement? Ride with Beat on both Android & iOS.