Women: The Beat of Technology

Over the years, technology becomes an incredibly empowering tool. While times are changing, we are seeing the role models which are needed to encourage the next generation of women into tech. This is evident in the sharp increase in films or documentaries putting inspirational women in front of focus such as Dream, Girl. So, enabling and empowering women to rise is absolutely changing the tech industry, and society, for the better.

At Beat, we build technology for a better urban life while cultivating a culture of equality and a healthy inspiring environment for each individual to evolve according to their own abilities and unique talent. Grabbing as opportunity March, as Women’s month dedicated to women all around the world, we hosted our very first LatAm Virtual roundtable by bringing together female leaders and executives in technology and innovation in Latin America, to share knowledge, experiences & powerful stories.

Our virtual roundtable themed “Women: The Beat of Technology” powered by Beat took place on 17th of March 2021. This was a mission-driven initiative dedicated to foster professional development opportunities in the tech industry and enable women’s empowerment in the tech field. 

Attendees got inspired by female speakers from various sectors within the tech industry, in a meaningful discourse on opportunities, challenges and trends, surrounding women in today’s tech workforce. 

“For Beat, women are the “beat” of technology. This roundtable was an attempt driven by companies and individuals who want to create change. It is a matter of survival for all tech companies to bring in the best talent, but good teams consist of people with different perspectives and experiences. That being said, diversity is key. While the tech industry was considered male dominated for years, this is now changing. In fact, technology is a great career for all women who like a challenge and lots of opportunities”,  highlighted Cecile Novion, Vice President LatAm Operations at Beat.

“It is important to understand what diversity is all about. Heterogeneous teams can bring great ideas, simply because each member can bring a different point of view, resulting in a broader perspective. That is the beauty of diversity. My advice to the future female generations that dream of a career in tech? Aim high! Work hard! Stay optimistic!”, emphasized Patricia Jesben, General Manager Argentina at Beat. 

More inspiring stories and thoughts came up during the roundtable. Anahí Lavado, Chief People Officer at Crehana advised women to fall in love with the problem as well as the solution, as technology is a means to solve many people’s needs. Luciana Reznik, Co-Founder at Wolox raised the need to acquire studies in technology as a creative tool that opens up infinite opportunities. Ana Isabel Sordo, Awareness & Acquisition Marketing Team Manager LatAm at HubSpot mentioned that in the tech world, a woman will most likely find herself in moments where she is the only woman in the room. If so, she needs to take a moment to celebrate it, focus and bring extra value to the organization.

The virtual roundtable was  moderated by Jimena de la Quintana, Journalist specialized in economics and business, columnist of ‘El Comercio’ and CNN correspondent. This was the company’s first proposal towards igniting the conversation around women’s contribution in the tech industry, inspiring future generations to grow and succeed professionally in tech careers, while leading the change towards more inclusive cultures. 

Watch and share the recorded virtual roundtable here. Enjoy!